Should I wait for an iPhone 13 or Buy an iPhone 12 Now?

Get here all about. Should you get the iPhone 12 or wait for iPhone 13? Is there a new iPhone coming out in 2021? Yes, the New iPhone 13 series (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini) will be released next September 2021 at the Apple hardware event.

The iPhone 13 range is on the way. Now, if you’re you’re in the market for a new iPhone, you might have a few doubts. You might wonder if you should get your hands on Apple’sApple’s next flagship or not! We understand your dilemma of whether the iPhone 13 is worth the wait or whether you should go ahead and get yourself an iPhone 12.

So what should you do? iPhone 13 — wait or buy iPhone 12 now?

We have prepared this guide to help you choose and answer the question we’ve been looking for. It will include the key considerations, such as how much of an upgrade the iPhone 13 range is supposed to be, how long you might have to wait for the new iPhone, and how differently the old and new iPhones might be priced.

There, no definitive answer as to whether you should wait for the new iPhone 13 or not. However, we hope that the information here will help you clear some (if not all) doubts. We hope, ultimately, you should have a clearer idea of which choice is the correct choice for you.

Does buying an iPhone 12 now make sense or should you wait for the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 12 range will not be Apple’s newest phone for long! 

First, the most obvious argument in favor of waiting for the iPhone 13 is that it will arrive soon. Apple hasn’t confirmed the exact release date yet, but based on their past form and the current rumors, we expect the new iPhone 13 range to launch in September. We also assume that an announcement will soon feature around mid-September about the release of the phones.

Now we are at this point where we’d advise you to wait for the new model unless you can find the current one at a significant discount. But, of course, there could be some discounts on Amazon Prime Day, so you never really know!

The iPhone 13 range isn’t much anything more than the device 12 Pro Max!

It sounds like the year’s new iPhone might not be much of an upgrade. Although nothing is certain, leaks point to a similar design and screen (notwithstanding a 120Hz refresh rate of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max and a slightly smaller notch). 

Additionally, a reasonably modest power upgrade exists with marginally more powerful batteries, with slight tweaks to the camera. Finally, you will see a LiDAR scanner in the new iPhone series for all models, rather than just the Pro ones. At the moment, the changes sound more like an iPhone 12 Pro Max than an iPhone 13 Pro Max. After that, however, you may see some more considerable changes.  

Long-term Device Support

No matter whichever model you choose, you can expect years of software updates.

The iPhone 12 range still has several years of software updates left in it. So if you opt for the one, you won’t be left behind on that front. Apple keeps its iPhones up to date for a long time. So, whenever the new iOS 15 lands later this year, the software will be available for every iPhone model starting from the iPhone 6S onwards. Now, let’s move forward and look at the features of the iPhone 12 ranges that will help in clearing your mind.

Reasons to skip iPhone 12

Following are some of the significant reasons we reckon (if you would like to agree) why you can skip the iPhone 12 series and get the new iPhone instead.

  • Smaller notch: There are speculations that the new iPhone 13 display will be benefitting from a smaller Face ID notch. For the first time, Apple has shrunk it since its introduction. It will give the new iPhone 13 a more immersive viewing experience since the notch can be pretty distracting.
  • Touch ID in-display: There are also statements that Apple might reintroduce Touch ID to the iPhone 13. So the feature will be either beneath the display or on the side button. It might help unlock your phone quickly if your face covers with a make or the like.
  • 120Hz refresh rate (for Pro models): The new iPhone 13’s13’s display is reportedly said to be getting a 120Hz Pro-Motion refresh rate for the Pro models, at least which will make compatible games and scrolling feel stunningly smooth.
  • Always-on display: Users expect the iPhone 13 to get an always-on display mode. This feature is something the iPhone 12 isn’t capable of doing.
  • Camera improvements: Photography enthusiasts and keen photographers will benefit significantly from the iPhone 13’s13’s improved rear ultra-wide camera lens and some new video portrait modes and astrophotography. There are rumors that all the latest iPhone 13s will get Apple’sApple’s LiDAR depth sensor this year. Even the base models will get this feature and an auxiliary camera that helps with AR applications and photo effects.
  • New colors: The latest iPhone range is most likely to introduce a new batch of striking colors for users. The newest batch of colorways for the iPhone 13 might include a possible orange and a matte black.
  • Larger batteries: There are also speculations that the latest iPhone 13 series will be getting larger battery capacities. The devices iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and new version iPhone 13 Pro Max will also include larger battery capacities. 

Reasons you should still buy iPhone 12

If you are still unclear about deciding and most likely to still go for the iPhone 12 series, here are some points that will work in your favor.

  • Exact sizes: From what we have heard so far, the new iPhone 13 series will most likely be available in the precise sizes as the iPhone 12. So, a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch standard iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro with just a few extra features, and the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max at the top of the range. So, what size works best for you will depend on your exact needs and what will fit best in your hand, bag, or even pocket—however, it is still not a reason to pick the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 over the other.
  • Lower prices are coming on iPhone 12 lineup: As already mentioned earlier, as soon as there is an announcement of the new models, Apple typically reduces the cost of the previous generation iPhones.
  • The iPhone 12 is still pretty tough: Apple introduced the Ceramic Shield displays on its iPhone 12 models. The Ceramic Shield makes the front cover better protected against drops.
  • iPhone 12 already has 5G: The iPhone 12 series offers 5G connectivity, so you can already expect fast data speeds on the go. Again, there are speculations that the iPhone 13 series should also provide 5G connectivity. The iPhone 13 comes with an even better 5G Qualcomm mode, which can aggregate mm-Wave and sub-6GHz bands. However, we don’t see 5G as a reason to wait for the iPhone 13.
  • The A14 Bionic is fast enough: Arguably, the iPhone 13 will reportedly offer a faster A15 Bionic chip. This Bionic chip has already entered production. That is pretty cool! However, the A14 Bionic offered in iPhone 12 already blows away most Android phones in their performance. 


We have repeatedly repeated this statement throughout this guide that whether you go for the iPhone 12 or wait for the iPhone 13, it is not your loss. On the contrary, you are going to end up with a great phone.

But, since we are not expecting huge variations to the iPhone 13’s storage capacity, 5G, performance, charging, or the overall size, we suggest. If you feel comfortable, you can opt for the iPhone 12 now or find a good deal whenever you find a good deal. The iPhone 12 will be unquestionably cheaper than the iPhone 13 if the price is your priority and if you are willing to wait until the fall.

Also, if you decide to wait, you will be able to make a more informed decision. You will also know the new iPhone 13 offers and exactly how much cheaper the iPhone 12 could be.

But it is also likely that you will appreciate the iPhone 13 if you can hold on for a few more months. The iPhone 13 series will not disappoint you with its enhanced photography, Face ID, less obnoxious notch, and bigger batteries. Because of its rumored 120Hz displays, we are particularly more excited for the iPhone 13 Pro series.

 We’d recommend that a ”wait-and-see approach” is best. It’sIt’s not advisable to pay the total price for a phone that will be outdated in a few months, even when the new model isn’t a vast improvement.

But if you are impatient and really can’t wait then, you won’t go wrong with any of the iPhone 12 models. The iPhone 12 series are all great phones, and they probably will be here for a long time.

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