How to Fix Siri not working on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Get here why voice to Siri not working on iOS. Sometimes an unexpected issue happens with you when you’re using iPhone. One of them when you trying to ask something with your voice to Siri. But might Siri does not work properly. This situation bothers you because you’ve to do search compulsory by touch on your iPhone instead of Speaking.

We know that Siri is a powerful built-in function in iOS devices, it has features including make calls, car play, navigate location, Reserve restaurant, Movie Reviews, and more.

But don’t worry. Did we try to give you several troubleshooting ways about why Siri not working on? Hope below outlined ways would become your success key. So let now try these given best solutions carefully and summon Siri again to find your way, to make a call, find contact address and so more. Have you explored how to change Siri’s voice or language?

Best Solution if Voice to Siri not working on iPhone in 2020

You can summon to Siri in two ways either hold-press the Home button or through Assistive touch. In Addition, you can wake up Siri by calling ‘’Hey Siri’’ but Hey Siri Option Must turn on and Siri compatible iOS devices must be connected with Adapter.

  1. 1. In the beginning, you should make confirm that Siri is Turn ON on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap Sir & Search
  • Now Turn Press Side Button for Siri toggle On/Green.

That’s it!

Even if it’s Turn On and however Siri doesn’t working then get started to follow below-listed ways.

  1. Verify your network connection either Wi-Fi or Cellular data 3G or LTE whatever you used. Sometimes lost Internet connection or with Slow internet speed, Siri could not work handy.
  2. Reset network settings

Please Note: After resetting the network setting. You lost your saved password or other stored Wi-Fi.

Just text comment and give your feedback for which way has been helpful for you to avoid problem Voice to Siri not working on iPhone.

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