8 Fixes Siri Not Working on Mac- macOS Sonoma M1-M2 Mac

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After they added all possible stuff in macOS, apple macOS brought Siri integration. Since Siri is now a new multitasking feature for Mac users, and it’s a flagship one among all new features of the latest macOS. So obviously, all Mac users are not familiar with how to Enable Siri on Mac, and why Siri does not work after the update? I mean, if you’re the one having an issue talking to Siri not working on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, macOS Catalina & Earlier macOS? So we have a list of troubleshooting that will guide you on how to fix speak to Siri issue on Mac easily.

Please Note: To Activate Siri on Mac – It requires a broadband Internet connection and microphone (built-in or external).

Solution Siri Not Working on macOS

By default, the Siri icon ships on Dock after the Finder icon and top Menu bar of your Mac laptop (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook) and iMac desktop. You can also create a shortcut key to talk to Siri on Mac. Before getting started with provided steps, you must check out the internet connection on your Mac device.

#1: Siri & Hey Siri Required Internet Connection

Check your Mac network connections. Siri is not an offline tool, So we need a good internet connection via WAN or WiFi network. Check the Internet is turned on from the browser.

Check by: On the Top Menubar,> Click on Wi-Fi > Once you do, Turn off and turn On Wi-Fi again. It does resolve the problem in case of Wi-Fi network conflict issues. You can also test the internet by searching on the web browser, for example, on Safari and open Google.

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On Your Mac, Wi-Fi is working in a good manner. However, if your Mac Siri not responding, then jump on the following workaround in sequence.

#1. Is your Mac System has the latest macOS?

Know Current Installed macOS: Click on the Apple logo on the top menu bar – select About This Mac [Overview Tab see full details about your Mac].

Available update, If any. You must update it. After the update is completed, try again to wake up Siri, if Siri issue persists on Mac, though, continue following the steps. I hope that will be clear about your disappointing problem.

Check for new Software updates on your Mac

Apple Seed’s new MacOS update with new, improved features and bug fixes at a particular time interval. New Updates always optimize your Mac performance that quickly opens Siri.

For MacOS Ventura

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top Menu > System Settings.

2→ Select General > Software Update > Download and Install Update.


For Earlier macOS

  • Step #1: Go to Apple Logo from the Top menu bar on Mac.
  • Step #2: Select System Preferences…
  • Step #3: Next, click on the Software Update option.
Update macOS X
Update macOS
  • Restart Required before starting the update, please save your work or use handoff continuity features.
  • #2: is Siri Enabled on your Mac?

    On MacOS Ventura or Later

    1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Settings.

    System Settings on Mac
    System Settings on Mac

    2→ Next, Click on Siri & Spotlight > Enable Ask Siri toggle.. if it’s enabled, Then Disable and Re-enable again. and Allow permission to Use Siri on Mac.

    3→ That’s it. Now we can activate Siri using the Keyboard and From top Menu (Siri icon).

    4→ If you wish to use the Hey Siri command, Enable the toggle “Hey Siri” or “Siri” only.

    For macOS Sonoma,

    Enable Listen for Siri or Hey Siri on Mac
    Enable Listen for Siri or Hey Siri on Mac

    For macOS Ventura,

    Enable or Disable hey Siri on Mac
    Enable or Disable hey Siri on Mac

    If the toggle is enabled, then Disable and Enable it again. and set it up with your Voice. Might be stuck and unable to Activate using your Voice.

    Hey Siri is Activated on Mac
    Hey Siri is Activated on Mac

    Siri keyboard Shortcut:- Select the Key for “Keyboard Shortcut“.


    To Enable Siri from the top menu: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Control Center > Siri “Show in Menu Bar.”

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    Show Siri on Top Mac menu bar
    Show Siri on Top Mac menu bar

    That’s it.

    On macOS Monterey & Earlier macOS

    1. Go to Apple () menu > Choose System Preferences,
    2. click Siri, then make sure that Enable Ask Siri is selected.
    Siri doesn’t working on macbook pro, macbook air

    Also, you can also see in Siri Pane like Language, Siri Voice, Mic Input, etc. please set all options in the correct manner. (in the below picture you can see enable/ disable Siri on Macbook)


    Siri is fully turned on. Try to uncheck and check Siri’s settings. Luckily, it will wake up on your next talk. Siri is already In the position, but she is not ready to communicate with you. Then there are possible solutions mentioned below.

    1. Turn on Hey Siri: Keep selecting Listen for “Hey Siri” on the Headphones
    2. Keyboard Shortcut: Hold Command-Space from Keyboard, or change the Keyboard shortcut for Activate Siri on Mac.
    3. Show Siri in Menu Bar: See the Siri icon on the top Menu Bar and click on to activate and type Siri command to use.

    Check Apple System Status online Country wise.

    #3. Siri is not available in Settings preferences

    You guys, on your Mac, there is no Siri option. You should check that personal assistance Siri is available in your country or region. Here are which countries and regions are on iOS and Mac.

    #4. Check out that restrictions aren’t Set On position for Siri

    Now, We can enable the restrictions for Siri on macOS on MacBook, Mac. Follow the below steps for Turn off the Restrictions for macOS on MacBook, Mac.

    On MacOS Ventura

    1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

    System Settings on Mac
    System Settings on Mac

    2→ Select Screen Time > Content & Privacy.

    Content & Privacy Screen Time Settings on Mac
    Content & Privacy Screen Time Settings on Mac

    3→ Select “App Restrictions“.

    App Restrictions in Screen Time
    App Restrictions in Screen Time

    4→ Allow “Allow Siri & Dictation“. Tap on Done to Save the changes. That’s it.

    Allow Siri & Dictation on Mac Screen Time
    Allow Siri & Dictation on Mac Screen Time

    On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

    1. Click on Apple Logo from the top Mac Menu. And Click on the System Preferences option.
    Mac System Preferences Option on mac
    Mac System Preferences Option
  • Next, Click on Screen Time,
  • Screen Time settings on macbook mac system preferences
    Screen Time settings on MacBook mac system preferences
  • Select the Content & Privacy settings. Enable Siri & Dictation checkbox.
  • Enable Siri & Dictation on macOS on MacBook and Mac
    Enable Siri & Dictation on macOS on MacBook and Mac
  • That’s it. if Restriction is enabled for Siri & Dictation under the Content & Privacy Restrictions, you will see the below screen,
  • Enable Ask Siri on Macbook mac
    Enable Ask Siri on Macbook Mac

    On macOS Sierra or later,

    1. Go to Apple (Logo) menu
    2. Select System Preferences
    3. Click on Parental Controls
    4. Other and make sure that Turn off Siri & Dictation isn’t selected.
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    If the restriction is on for Siri, then you can’t turn on Siri on your Mac.

    #5: If Mac Siri doesn’t hear you correctly or doesn’t respond when you ask a question, make sure the microphones of your Mac are working:

    To Check your Apple Mac microphones follow the bottom steps”

    1. On your Mac, go to Apple (Logo) menu
    2. Select System Settings/Preferences
    3. Choose Sound
    4. Click on Input and select a Mic and check the input levels.
    5. And test your Apple Mac Mic. if Mic is broken then Siri Will not work until you fix your Apple laptop or Mac Mic.

    Read more: Our free guide will help you to resolve Common microphone issues on Apple Mac.

    #6: If Siri doesn’t speak responses on Your Mac

    Sometimes Siri might not respond verbally if your Mac sound is muted or Voice Feedback is disabled.

    While you’re on the Siri screen on Mac, then try to increase the volume level of your Mac. Then check your Voice Feedback settings:

    1. On your Mac, go to Apple (Logo) on Top menubar
    2. Select System Settings/Preferences.
    3. Click on Siri & Spotlight/Siri.
    4. On the screen, make sure that Voice Feedback is on. or Select Voice.

    #7: Delete the Notification Center Plist File and Restart your Mac

    Apparently, maybe your notification center process is disabled for some reason, I’ve enabled it via terminal by typing:

    launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.notificationcenterui.plist

    killall NotificationCenter

    After that, I disabled and enabled Siri via the settings menu, and it seems to be working now.

    None of the above ways worked in your case, though please restart your Mac and try again to Activate Siri. I hope now talking to Siri helps you get things done just by asking, Finding files on your Mac, checking the weather, Detecting a note, and more.

    #8: Clean Install macOS

    None of the above solutions work for your Mac. There is two last option. First is Resintall macOS/Clean install macOS, and second is you should take the help of Apple Support. Thanks for reading to us!!

    Reinstall macOS, and install the macOS System file without Deleting any of the data from the Mac. Clean the install process, clean the Data and MacOS. And Install the latest macOS. You must take Time Machine Backup.

    Get more Here: How to Clean Install macOS

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