Smart Lock For iPhone/ iPad Remotely Lock Bicycle, Bike

Modern world of technology has so many new and useful inventions for the public welfare. One of the greatest inventions is the smart bike locker which helps us to provide the best protection to your bike. Best technology called Bluetooth is used in this smart bike locker so that you can also operate with iOS mobiles (iPhone/ iPad).

After using these smart locks you are free from any kind of theft tension of your bike or motor cycle. These iPhone compatible locks are very convenient in carrying and fitting to your bike. The best material is used in the manufacturing of this type of advanced locks.

Best Smart Lock for iPhone, iPad: Bickycle, Bike

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth LOCK

1 Nulock Keyless Bluetooth LOCK for iPhone

Smart keyless lock for your bike or motorcycle. This smartlock is like a wire and compact in size so that you can easily carry it with you. This smart lock is operated by App on your smart phone. If anyone is trying to unlock the lock then alarm will start at 110db and you can easily catch the thief. The material used in the manufacturing of this lock is ABS plastic, braided steel and also copper so that it will give the best protection. The diameter of the cable is 0.4” and the length of the wire is 31”. This lock is waterproof and it can work in the temperature between 14F to 140F.  The battery capacity is very high it can run upto 8 months with the 3 “AAA” batteries. It is compatible with the iPhone 4s or later devices and android 4.3 having Bluetooth 4.0 or above version.

Nulock Bluetooth Bike/ Bicycle lock

Smart Lock with Alarm (Bluetooth lock)

2 Smart Lock with Alarm Lock APP Control

This smart lock is made up of the best anti cutting and anti removing technology. Waterproof lock which is durable and safe and the alarm ring at 110 DB so that your bike gets better protection. This smart lock can be operated with the help of your iPhone 4s or above and also android version 4.3 and above is compatible with this lock. It will easily fits with motorcycle and bikes and very easy to remove and use.

Elecycle Smart lock for iOS

Bitlock (operates with Bluetooth)

3 Bitlock smart lock for iOS

There are so many different colors are available for this type of bitlocks. They are very helpful to you for protecting your vehicles. You can start your vehicle key less using this lock. The battery life of this lock is of 5 years and also after you can replace the battery. If you have any emergency you can back up the data. The best function of Geotagging is also available in this bitlock.

Bitlock for iPhone, iPad

KKmoon Chain Smart Lock

4 KKmoon bluetooth chain lock for remote unlock

Smart lock with the latest technologies and best features that you might like the most. This smart lock is water proof and giving best protection against everything. One can control this lock with the help of your phone like lock and unlock this smart lock with the help of your phone. The lock is manufactured with the ABS material, copper material and anti theft strong quality material. Alarm sound rings at 110db. It is also waterproof lock so that you can use for indoor and also outdoor purposes.

iPhone compatible BLurtooth Chain lock

Keyless Bluetooth Steel Wire Lock, access on iPhone

5 Anti Theft lock for iOS

For better protection the material should be used of best quality and in this smart lock cable is Anti disassembling, Anti theft and Anti cutting. It is very compact in size and the alarm rings at 110db. Specially design for the bikes and also for motor cycles. Used for the quick and safe purposes.

Bluetooth Wirless lock for Bicycle or Bike

Improved lock with the best ever new design and latest function so that your vehicles get the better protection.