How to Turn Off Snapchat Camera Sound on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro max, XR, XS Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus/7: Disable Shutter Sound

Snapchat Camera Sound turn off on iPhone

Snapchat is a Social app from there we can share our Beautiful picture with our Friends and Publicly for the Entertaining, Business and Personal Memory. Sometimes we need to take a photo silently; According to the Developer preview, Snapchat for iPhone is Stunning compare to Other Operating Systems like Windows or Android.

We can take a Crispy photo on Snapchat in a single attempt and share it directly on a Snapchat app using internet camera settings; This camera is built-in, Snapchat camera programmed very well to take a beautiful photo that smooth all the unwanted marks and appearance on body and locations automatically. So Some people are like to use a camera of Snapchat and ignoring iPhone’s official camera app. And now Question is how we can take Snapchat camera sound off on iPhone/iPad?

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Same ways you can also Mute or Turn off Snapchat Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 11, 11 Pro Pro, 11 Pro max, and Earlier iPhones.

Before getting started following steps, read these Five lines carefully:

The iPhone Camera shutter sound always being on depends on what regional model of phone it is, not where you are. The Japanese and the Korean iPhones always have the shutter sound on. If you bought it used or refurbished handset, it may be from either of those countries. It’s because of specific laws in place. And I don’t think that can be bypassed. if you are from Japan or Korea or your Phone bought from there then don’t waste your time cause you can’t turn off camera shutter sound. Source- Reddit.

Two Methods for Turn OFF Snapchat Camera Sound on iPhone/iPad

Snapchat Camera Sound turn off on iPhone
Snapchat Camera Sound turn off on iPhone

1: Quickly Turn off Using Side Button: Mute/Unmute Switch

Check out Side button that we can quickly turn on which means the sound is off. Or Turn off which means the sound is off using a hardware button. According to my test, This button mute all kinds of system sound that might be a ringtone, Message and notification alert sound and Camera shutter sound in Third-party apps like Snapchat or Instagram as well.

Sometimes side button doesn’t work in the case if you muted your iPhone using Virtual Sound button that Available in Assistive touch. Check the Second method.

Side button for Mute camera sound and click silently on Snapchat
Side button for Mute camera sound and click silently on Snapchat

A solution is: Turn off and Turn on Button two times, So it will reset Mute/Unmute sound.

2: Use the Assistive Touch button to Mute/Unmute or Change Sound Level

Assistive touch has too many options Like Volume up button, Volume Down button, Mute/Unmute button, Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Take Screen Shot, Restart, Speak Screen, App Switcher and more. You can also use customize Assistive touch on your iDevice.

in iOS 13 & Later Device users can access the touch screen home button using bottom steps:

  1. Go to the Settings App >
  2. Tap Accessibility >
  3. Tap Touch>
  4. Assistive Touch >
  5. Turn on AssistiveTouch toggle and then follow the bottom instructions.

For iOS 12 and Earlier all users can receive Assistive touch option by the use of underneath actions: 

You will have to Enable Assistive Touch also called touch screen home button on your iPhone from the Settings app,

  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap General


  • Tap Accessibility


  • Tap Assistive Touch


  • Turn on AssistiveTouch Toggle.

    and also Customize assistive touch if you wish.

  • Now, Tap on Assistive Touch button > Device > Tap on Bell icon to mute Shutter sound or a Camera click
  • Mute Snapchat Camera sound on iPhone
    Mute Snapchat Camera sound on iPhone
  • Check it. You are done.
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