How to Turn Off Snapchat Camera Sound iPhone


in this article, I will explain to you can I Turn Off Snapchat Camera Sound on my iPhone? As you know Snapchat is a Social app from there we can share our beautiful pictures with our Friends and Publicly for the Entertaining, Business, and Personal Memory. Sometimes we need to take a photo silently; According to the Developer preview, Snapchat for iPhone is Stunning compared to Other Operating Systems like Windows or Android.

We can take a Crispy photo on Snapchat in a single attempt and share it directly on a Snapchat app using internet camera settings; This camera is a built-in, Snapchat camera programmed very well to take a beautiful photo that smooths all the unwanted marks and appearance on the body and locations automatically. So Some people are like to use a camera on Snapchat and ignore iPhone’s official camera app. And now the question is how we can take Snapchat camera sound off on iPhone/iPad?

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In the same way, you can also Mute or Turn off Snapchat Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 13, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini, 11, 11 Pro Pro, 11 Pro max, and Earlier iPhones. Apart from this, Sometimes the Snapchat camera won’t work as expected on my iPhone so if you have the same problem then click on this link to get a complete guide.

Before getting started following steps, read these Five lines carefully:

The Apple iPhone Camera shutter sound always being on depends on what regional model of phone it is, not where you are. The Japanese and the Korean iPhones always have the shutter sound on [Solution Given in Step 4, For Those iPhone]. If you bought it used or refurbished handset, it may be from either of those countries. It’s because of specific laws in place. And I don’t think that can be bypassed. if you are from Japan or Korea or your Phone was bought from there then don’t waste your time cause you can’t turn off the camera shutter sound. Source- Reddit.

Two Methods about How do you turn the shutter sound off on Snapchat? on iPhone/iPad

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1: Quickly Turn off Using Side Button: Mute/Unmute a physical Switch

Check out the Side button that we can quickly turn on which means the sound is off. Or Turn off which means the sound is off using a hardware button. According to my test, This button mutes all kinds of system sounds that might be a ringtone, Message and notification alert sound, and Camera shutter sounds in third-party applications such as Snapchat and Instagram as well.

Sometimes side button doesn’t work in case if you mute your iPhone using the Virtual Sound button that is Available in Assistive touch. Check the Second method.


A solution is: Turn off and Turn on the Button two times, So it will reset the Mute/Unmute sound.

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2: Use the Assistive Touch button to Mute/Unmute or Change Sound Level

Assistive touch has too many options Like the Volume up button, Volume Down button, Mute/Unmute button, Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Take Screen Shot, Restart, Speak Screen, App Switcher, and more. You can also use customize Assistive touch on your iDevice.

in iOS 13, iOS 14/15 & Later devices users can access the touch screen home button using the bottom steps:

  1. Go to the Settings App
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Tap Touch
  4. Hit on Assistive Touch
  5. Now turn AssistiveTouch toggle on /Green and then follow the bottom instructions.turn-on-assistivetouch-or-virtual-home-button-on-iphone-in-ios-13

For iOS 12 and Earlier all users can receive the Assistive touch option by the use of underneath actions: 

You will have to Enable Assistive Touch also called the touch screen home button on your iPhone from the Settings app,

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Tap General
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Hit on Assistive Touch
  • Next, Turn on AssistiveTouch Toggle and you can also Customize assistive touch if you wish.
  • Now, Tap on the Assistive Touch button > Device > Tap on Bell icon to mute Shutter sound or a Camera click
  • Check it. You are done.
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    3. How to Turn Off Snapchat Camera Sound on Android

    Snapchat has been the most used social app aside from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. A platform where you can put stories, share videos, share pictures, apply varieties of funny filters, and effects.

    Most of the phones use the same camera settings in Snapchat that are set by default. I’ve seen many users looking to get rid of annoying Snapchat shutter sound on Android, here’s a quick solution on how to turn off Snapchat Camera Sound on OnePlus, Samsung, Google Pixel, and other Android phones.

    Solution 1: What you can do is, put the phone into Silent Mode, press and hold the Volume down button, and drag all the volume sliders to a minimum.

    Solution 2: Next, open the Camera app on your Android phone, tap on Clog Wheel, and toggle Off Shutter Sound.

    Solution 3: Enabling Do Not Disturb mode also helps to make the phone silent, you can try this too.

    These are the three common ways to turn off Snapchat shutter sound on Android phones. However, there is no specific option available in the Snapchat app to disable shutter sound, therefore you have to go with the default Camera settings.

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    4. Silent Camera App for Japanese iPhone: How to turn off camera sound on iPhone without Muting Snapchat

    – Using these tricks we can capture photos silently from the iPhone camera roll and save photos to the iPhone photos app (Camera Roll), then Upload them to the Snapchat app just like normal photos. You have to download OneCamera-SilentCamera, the Secret app from the app store on iOS. checkout the below steps to use this silent camera app on your iPhone and upload it to the Snapchat app.

    • Note: This app is not updated to the latest date but it’s working fine on the latest iOS 14/ 13 and Earlier.
    • App workable to turn off the camera sound on snapchat without turning off ringer
    1. Open OneCamera app on your iPhone, and Start Capturing photos by Tap on the “Camera” icon.
  • You will not listen to Camera sound as well and Vibrate as well. But saved Photos can view from the Bottom left view icon.
  • To save any of the photos to the camera roll, see the sharing option at the top right corner. Here’s a sharing icon with a square box with an upper arrow icon.
  • saved-photo-on-app
  • and Select Save to the Camera roll.
  • export-saved-photo-to-camera-roll-on-iPhone
  • Now, open the photos app on your iPhone and See the recently captured photo by the OneCamera app.
  • captured-photo-to-photos-app-on-iphone
  • You can upload a photo to Snapchat without a Camera shutter sound. Open Spanchat > Photos option to browse saved photos > Select photos under the camera roll.
  • post-saved-photo-to-snapchat-iphone
  • That’s it.
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    Bottom Line

    I think you guys, have a question why just turn it off for the camera app (Snapchat shutter sound won’t turn off)? because there isn’t a special toggle to turn off disable Snapchat shutter sound. I know that it’s so annoying. absolutely, Snapchat Instant Messaging App makes a really weird and unwanted clicky shutter sound whenever you take a snap.

    according to my opinion, Snapchat doesn’t allow the camera shutter sound off because it’s a feature like the snap app to try and keep people from catching strangers without them identifying. I hope Apple will be brought an actionable policy for developers in the next iOS 16.

    Like it and share to know more Snapchat tips and tricks and allow Snapchat camera access on iPhone features that we can use first and surprise your friends. Also, follow us to get notified first.

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    You are my dear friend if you find any third-party app or advanced trick to mute the Snapchat camera shutter sound on your iPhone, then please let me know in the comments so I will put your thought in this article in the next update. thanks in advance!!

    Hint: you can also send the feedback to Snapchat developers and ask them to add a separate setting in a future update to turn off the Snapchat camera shutter sound on iOS and Android. [This is just an idea, we do not force you to do this.]

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