Solve iTunes error 3194 at the time of update iPhone, iPad

At the restore or update time most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users facing problem with iTunes error 3194, Error 17 with Message “The device isn’t eligible for the request bild”. With too many reasons, like not up to date software, Host and root file corrupted or error. So here you will get all the possible solution about Solve iTunes error 3194.

For Many other errors number (Error 17, Error 1639, Error 3000 to 3020, Error 3194, Error 3100 and 3999) you can implement same steps detailed in below.

Try Below steps for fix/ Solve iTunes error 3194: Update and Restore iOS device

For Mac Users

Step 1: Launch Terminal, (Application > Utilities > Terminal)

Step 2: Copy below comment and past in your terminal, and run it

sudo nano /private/etc/hostsTerminal On Mac open for iTunes Error 3194

Step 3: Next, Enter password. (Make sure are you logged in admin account)

Step 4: After that, terminal result showing like in below screen.Sudo command for iTunes error 3194

Step 5: Type two line with same display in image.Run Command for iTunes error 3194

Step 6: Now press Control + o for save file in root.Save File After run command

Step 7: Once tap on return when showing screen like below.

Step 8: Press (Control + X) from keyboard and complete you job.Solve iTunes error 3194 in iPhone, iPad restore and update

Close terminal and restart your Mac.

After that, Try update and restore process on your iOS device using iTunes (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

2nd: Check from network side issue

Verify your internet working perfectly, not block by some firewall or remove/ Disable security software if you installed temporarily.

If you are trying with router connection, then bypass broadband cable directly to your device. Otherwise restart your router or Modem.

Still you didn’t get success on Solve iTunes error 3194 with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Note: it’s not solution but way to update or restore device using iTunes without spent more time on some critical situations, Try with another Mac or PC system.

We hope that you finally solve iTunes error 3194 through above possible fixed ways. If you solved with another different ways (Error 3194) then you can share with your friends on comment box.