iPhone 14 Won’t Restore Using iTunes or iCloud: Get Fix

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Recently gifted yourself latest iPhone, and while setting it up, suddenly got stuck with iPhone won’t restore? There are several ways to fix an iPhone won’t restore from iCloud, Mac Finder, or PC.

When iPhone cannot restore the backup, the situation can be disastrous. As you are unable to access or entirely in a case of losing irreplaceable Photos, Videos, handwritten notes, and some valuable data and iPhone Settings. With this troubleshooting guide, everything gets sorted, as it’s curated with possible ways to fix iPhone restoring failure.

Quick tips to fix iPhone 14 Series Won’t Restore

Before you yell, “My iPhone 14 Won’t Restore” you should know it’s a common issue. And what’s great is that it can be fixed easily. This blog will let you know how to get rid of the problem.

iPhone Won’t Restore From iCloud

Connect iPhone With Strong Wi-Fi

First thing first, your iPhone must be connected to strong Wi-Fi. Since the unstable Wi-Fi connection might frequently disconnect the iPhone from iCloud while restoring.

To know if Wi-Fi is the cause, let’s check the speed on alternate devices. Open the Speed Test. If it shows efficient speed, there is no Wi-Fi issue. In case it shows instability in the speed, try restarting the router; check the speed. Lastly, re-try restoring iPhone’s backup.

iCloud Server Down

iCloud Server Down! Indeed it can cause the latest iPhone stuck restoring from a backup which you won’t allow to cancel. Once you confirm that there is no outrage with iCloud Server, move forward to following troubleshooting.

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Vice versa, if there is an issue with iCloud Server, let Apple fix the problem. Since the issue isn’t on your side.

Restart iPhone

Restarting the iPhone shouldn’t be ignored. As earlier, it was found to be a convenient way to fix the bugs within the software. Surely, if Restarting cannot restore new iPhone, you should do force restarting.

To restart iPhone, press the either Volume Buttons along with Side Key. Now drag the Power Slider, hold for a few seconds, and press the Side Key to turn the iPhone Back.

Stop iCloud And Restore Once Again

Since none of the troubleshooting steps helps fix the iPhone 14 won’t restore, Here is now the time to stop iCloud from restoring.

  1. Head to the Settings.
  2. Select Apple ID.
  3. Choose iCloud ID.
  4. Right below the device backup, select iCloud Backup. At last, choose Stop Restoring iPhone. 

Once you do so, the backup procedure gets paused. Restart process once again and check for the issue. If it is still not restoring, give it a try once again.

Try Restoring Another Backup

If you have recently created multiple backups, you are in a good place. Because while restoring iPhone backup from iCloud, you will receive all latest iPhone backups within the Choose Backup screen. Select the one which has the latest time and date to the previous backup.

iPhone Won’t Restore From Mac Finder

Update macOS

iPhone Stuck while restoring; it could be due to outdated macOS. It’s time to check the version of macOS(Apple Menu > About This Mac). If it’s not current version, head to the Apple Menu > System Settings…(System Preferences… for macOS Monterey And Earlier). Select Software Update and let the system Check For Updates. Once it finishes, tap on Update Now and then Restart Now.

You must constantly update your Mac computer to the latest version, as it effectively fights against every bug. Similarly, it enhances the performance of every individual, including Finder.

Restart Mac Computer

If your Mac computer is already updated to the latest version, you must try restarting your Mac(Apple Logo > Restart…). Right after restarting the procedure, try restoring the iPhone using a trusted USB-Cable, and your problem will get fix.

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Note: If you are restoring an iPhone using a MacBook, keep it connected to the charger.

For some users, restarting the Mac won’t fix issue. They should give try to Force Restarting (Control + Command + Power Button). That’s All!

Hard Reset Your iPhone When Plugged With Mac

Often with a regular restart iPhone can fix numerous issues. But there are times when normal restarting won’t fix iPhone and won’t restore. Thus we recommend hard resetting of iPhone when it’s connected to the Mac.

To hard reset a new iPhone, instant press and release the Volume Up Key, then instant press and release Volume Low Key. Immediately press the Side Key. Release it when the screen features Apple Logo. Keep note; hard reset needs to perform only when iPhone is connected to Mac using a USB Cable.

Force Stop Other Applications Except Finder

Running multiple applications, along with Finder in the background of Mac, can cause the issue. In contrast, the applications can create conflicts with each other. To force stop, click on the Apple Menu > Force Quit… Then, select all the applications except Finder. And choose Force Quit. 

iPhone Won’t Restore From iTunes PC

Is iTunes Down Today?

All due in time, see if there is an outrage for iTunes in your region or country. Check it through Apple System Status. And ensure there is no red signal beside it. That’s because if outrage is found, the iPhone stuck when restoring won’t go away until it fixes. However, the issue isn’t on your side; let it get a fix on its own.

Restart Window PC

It is common for a computer to face an iPhone that won’t restore from iTunes if it has been running for a long-time. This restarting of PC works as it clears out all temporary files stored by various software pieces. To restart PC, click on the Windows Icon, and then Shut Down And Sign-In, and from the following menu, select Restart(Alt+F4).

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Update iTunes

Outdated iTunes needs to be updated to the latest version. As of now and forever, it can lead to specific issues including, can’t restore iPhone backup using iTunes. To update, open iTunes, select Help, and click on Check For Update.

Alternatively, you can select the Window Icon from the bottom menu bar. Select Microsoft Stores. Now search for iTunes, and then click on Update Bottom, if available.

Vice versa, your Windows should also be update to the latest version(Windows Icon > Shutdown Button. Either select Update & Shutdown or Update & Restart).

Check For Hardware Issue

Check Cable

Most of the time, iPhone won’t be restored due to broken or corrupted cables. Check your Cable; if there is a sign of damage, borrow one from your friend or family member.

At the same point, always prefer using the MFI-Certified Cable. As Apple doesn’t recommend non-mfi. So if you are presently without MFI certification, we recommend buying the Official Apple USB Cable.

Clean Port And Cable

Dirt and debris within ports of iPhone, Mac, or PC can denormalize the functioning of the port. iPhone won’t restore backup can be due to it. However, even if not so, cleaning the port frequently is a better solution to prevent damage within the USB-Port.

Try Using Different USB Port

Problems with USB-Port of a Mac Computer or PC can lead to latest iPhone Flagship restoring failure. This is because USB cannot forward require power throughout the restoring procedure. Keep this as highlighted. Try using a different USB Port.

Bottom Line

With closed eyes, we can agree that restoring an iPhone can sometimes become a headache once you get within the procedure. However, with the highest probability, the above solution can solve iPhone 14 series stuck while restoring backup. If not, Contact Apple Support for further assistance.

What Does It Mean When An iPhone Could Not Be Restored?

In essence, when you come across the error that the iPhone could be restore, it is a sign that the connectivity between iPhone and either Mac, PC, or iCloud isn’t stable. However, if you followed our troubleshooting guide, fixing the issue isn’t ample.

How Do I Force My iPhone To Restore Without iTunes?

From now on, you can restore the iPhone using iCloud and Mac Finder. So in case you want to ignore using iTunes to restore completely, there is still an option available.

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