[Solved] iPhone keeps restarting again & again: Automatically

Many time iPhone users are hesitating with iPhone keeps restarting over time to time automatically or on some action perform, like launch new app, Open any media file, Open camera or Tap on notification (iMessage Notification, Access Third party app notification, Start internet data or at the time of turn WiFi), Plug in to iTunes. Main reason behind your iPhone or other iOS device restart, mainly two different possibilities you should focus, Hardware or Software problem.

Troubleshooting ways of iPhone keeps restarting: Solved Solutions

In many troubleshooting ways for iPhone keeps restarting on any action. Here you have to go through step by step. Here you can get complete guide with elaborate apple support solution on iOS device restarts or apple logo and other personal and expert’s solution that must be help in some cases.

Factory reset device: iPhone, iPad or iPod

Factory reset process makes your device like new. Please take whole iPhone backup on iTunes or iCloud. And Follow the forward steps

Step 1: Open iTunes on Mac/PC.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to iTunes through lighting cable. From the top Tab, Choose device with named

Step 3: Click on Summary, And Restore iPhone..

Step 4: Next, You will see popup alert, For Factory reset setting, Tap on Restore.

Step 5: After successfully restore, once restart you will see the welcome screen.

Now you can restore previous data from backup.

iPhone Restore in DFU mode

DFU mode restore your device in recovery mode, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac/PC iTunes via lighting cable.

Step 2: Turn off device, By Press Sleep/ Wake and Home button at the same time.

Step 3: Wait for 10 seconds and then release Sleep/ Wake button, but still continuous holding down Home button. Until you will see iTunes popup message “iTunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode” on Mac/PC screen.

Step 4: Black screen on device sign about your iPhone in DFU mode, now you can restore firmware for fix iOS inline error and corrupt files.

iPhone running on Up to date iOS version

You device’s iOS should be up to date; if you have iPhone 5 then first check your device running on iOS version through iTunes or WiFi network.

Installed App should be up to date

After long time you haven’t update iOS App or Disable iOS apps auto updates, First Verify from Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Enable Updates toggleiPhone keeps restarting after update

Contact Apple support

Apple will Support you very well, Through (Email, Call) online and regional Apple store. Find all about apple support here

Replacement program

Keep your eye on replacement program, last year apple announce battery replacement program for all users who has iPhone 5, Still it’s running officially for your country. Check here through your device serial number.

After tried above ways on the time iPhone keeps restarting, still are you facing or re-solved through other techniques please share with us. That might help to other.