Solved “This app was purchased by a different Apple ID ” iTunes

Are you trying more than one apple ID in your devices, then at the time of downloading iTunes App you may be showing app purchased by a different Apple ID.

Unfortunately, are you getting error on downloading or installing app after logging with Own Apple ID,


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This app was purchased by a different Apple ID . To buy this item with this Apple ID you must first purchase the app.” That’s ridiculous. But might be that’s not on eye, Here is the basic solution of this error problem, When you try to download apps in your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 8, iOS 7, or older) and Mac (Yosemite or Mavericks). To solve this first you have to check, what’s your recent logged in with Apple ID. And the second, by using which apple ID you have been downloaded in past though other iOS device or same device.

Note: When you trying another Apple ID in the same iOS device or Mac device. And inside App-purchase trying downloading app with old or different Apple ID, definitely you will receive iTunes verification notification or message, that’s not error.

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Here I am trying miss understating with your iOS device or Mac, Using the below two verification steps.

Resolve: App was purchased by a different Apple ID in iTunes: iPhone, iPad and touch

1st – Check the App was actually purchased through which apple ID

Step 1: Launch iTunes in your Mac/ PC

Step 2: Choose one of purchased App under the App section.

Step 3: Click on get info, Here is the sample how you will get

Purchased by, Account Name (Apple ID) and more…Purchased by a different Apple ID and find recently Apple ID

2nd – Which apple ID currently used in your Device for download app

All the apple users are well known how to check it in your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch also Mac).

For iOS device (iOS 8, iOS 7)

Go to the Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple IDFind logged in apple ID in iPhone running on iOS 8 screen

For Mac (Yosemite or Mavericks)

Go to the Apple Menu > system preference > iCloud > Check current Apple ID used in your Mac device.


Find Apple ID on web from

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Hope fully enjoyed trouble shooting guide on Solve “This app was purchased by a different Apple ID ” through above steps. Have you any problem and suggestion to solve your problem then comment us.

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