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Unfortunately, are you getting an error on downloading or installing the app after logging in with your Own Apple ID, “This app was purchased by a different Apple ID. To buy this item with this Apple ID, you must first purchase the app.” That’s ridiculous. But might be that’s not on the eye; here is the basic solution to resolve issues, When you try to download apps on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. First, you must check your recent logged-in with Apple ID to solve this. And the second, by using which Apple ID you have been downloaded in the past with other iOS devices or the same device.

Note: When you try another Apple ID on the same iOS device or Mac device. And inside App-purchase, try downloading an app with an old or different Apple ID; definitely, you will receive an iTunes verification notification or message, that’s not an error.

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Resolve: App was purchased by a different Apple ID in iTunes: iPhone, iPad, and touch

Trick #1st – Check the App was actually purchased through which apple ID

Step 1: Launch the latest Apple iTunes on your Mac/ PC. [if you haven’t installed iTunes, then click on a link to download from here]

Step 2: Choose one of the purchased App under the App section.

Step 3: Click on get info, Here is the sample how you will get

Purchased by a different Apple ID and find recently Apple ID

Purchased by, Account Name (Apple ID) and more…

Trick #2nd – Which Apple ID currently used in your Device for downloading app

All Apple users are well known how to check it on their devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch also Mac).

For iOS device

Find logged in apple ID in iPhone running on iOS 8 screen

Go to the Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID

For Mac (Sonoma, Ventura)

Go to the Apple logo on the top Menu > System Settings > iCloud > Check current Apple ID used on your Mac device.


Find Apple ID on the web from

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What happens to Apps when you Change Apple ID?

In some cases, you need to sign in with the new Apple ID to access the Apple services, like communicating apps like Mail or Sharing apps. However, while using other services, you can change the sign-in information when asked. Otherwise, it is not a problem.

Can you make in-app purchases with a different Apple ID?

Somehow, yes, you can make in-app purchases with different Apple ID, but only using Family Sharing. If you are using Family Sharing and confirmed to purchase sharing of App Store purchases, iTunes and Apple Books with your Family Sharing Members. Also, all of your Family Sharing group members can make in-app purchases if the primary Apple ID has allowed doing so.

How Do I Re-downloaded an App with Different Apple ID?

It is as simple as downloading the app from App Store, launch the App Store and search for the app that you want to download.

Unfortunately, to re-download the purchased apps you have to use the same Apple ID that was used while making a purchase.

Why is my App Store Showing a different Apple ID?

This situation mostly arises when people buy a refurbished iPhone or iPad and the App Store shows the first owner’s Apple ID instead of the newly created Apple ID. It’s not an issue, remove the Apple ID if it is of no use to you. Then the App Store will automatically show the correct Apple ID.

How do I find out which Apple ID was used to purchase apps?

Well, what you can do is, dig into your iPhone’s Apple ID and check out the purchases you have made recently.

  1. Go to the Settings > Tap on your name > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID > View Apple ID.
  3. Select Purchase History.

How do I change my Apple ID for in-app purchases?

There is no way to change Apple ID for in-app purchases unless you have Family Sharing set up on your iPhone. If the person who created the Family Sharing group, has given you the privilege to make in-app purchases, then it is possible to make in-app purchases with different Apple ID.

Cannot update Apps because of the old Apple ID?

Simply delete the app from the iPhone and re-download it after removing the old Apple ID from your iPhone. If this doesn’t work, then Sign Out from the following apps and sign in with a new Apple ID: iCloud, iTunes & App Store, FaceTime, and Messages from the settings app.

How to find App Associated with different Apple ID?

Apple removed this feature from iTunes, to find out the app associated with Apple ID. If the app is still on your iOS device or macOS, then try to update it and if it asks you to Sign in, at that time, Apple ID will appear automatically. That’s the only way to find out the associated Apple ID.

How to find out which Apple ID was used to purchase an App on Mac?

No, there is no such option available to find out which Apple ID was used to purchase an App on Mac. But still, you can go to the App Store and from your profile track down what are the apps you have purchased.

Hopefully enjoyed the troubleshooting guide on Solve “This app was purchased by a different Apple ID ” through the above steps. Have you any problem and suggestions to solve your problem then comment on us.

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