How to Sort Email in Apple Mail Mac? [Organize mailboxes & Create Folder]

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Quickly Sort your mail inbox on the Mac mail app. We can Sort our emails Alphabetically [Acending, Descending], Sort by Date, Attachment, Flags, From Size, Subject, And Unread emails as well. in the same we can also Filter mail app inbox from the same settings.

Also, we can customize the Email columns [Add new Column items and remove columns as well]. and filter from columns as well. let’s check step by step in this article. The following steps are tested with Mac, iMac, MacBook, MB Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, M1 Mac.

Let’s check One by one all the tips for the best way to organize apple mail on the latest macOS.

Steps for Sort mail On Mac Mail app

  1. Open Mail app on Mac. Now, Select Inbox in the sidebar from Window.
  2. Next, From the top Menu, Select View Option and Sort by.mac-mail-inbox-short
  3. See the Sorting options, like [A to Z or Z to A for alphabetize mailboxes], Sort by Date, Attachment, Flags, From Size, Subject, And Unread emails from whole mailboxes. Also, See Smallest Message on Top and the Largest Message on Top.
  4. See the instant changes in the Mail app inbox. and That’s it.
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How to Sort Apple Mail by Sender

The most helpful way to find all emails in series after short out in Sender list. Shortcut by Sender or From address in Alphabetical order is the Best Way to find emails that comes in your Mailbox.

Follow the below steps to find all Emails short by Sender on the Mac mail app.

  1. Open the mail app on Mac.
  2. Click on View from top Mac menu > Short by > Select From [Sender].check-short-by-emails-on-mac-mail-app
  3. Also we can choose [A to Z] or [Z to A].
  4. That’s an easy method to filter all emails by sender.

Sort Mailbox from the Column header

Customized mail Column in Mac mail app, allows users to add or remove Columns from a mailbox.

Right Click on Mail Header Inbox. Select New Header and Uncheck that

Once you added Columns, Just click on the Header Column name and Sort out Emails on Mailbox. here I am adding a flag, keep selected if “flags not showing in mac mail”. right-click-on-header-to-add-sorting-items-on-mac-mail-app

That’s it.

Note: Use data sent Option and add into Header then click on Header to short “apple mail sort by sender on Mac“.

How to Alphabetize Mailboxes in Mac Mail

We can set the order of change order of added Mailboxes on Mac in Alphabetize. Also, we can Alphabetize Emails in the Mail inbox. Change Order is part of the customizations of your Mac mail app.

Tips: This apple mail sort by sender ios is missing [iPhone, iPad Mail app]. But how do I rearrange mailboxes in mac mail? Let’s see

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Select the Mailboxes and Drag them to another place in the same sidebar of the Mail window.


that’s the way to change the order of mailboxes in mac mail.


Also, we can arrange mails in Inbox by click on the Header of Each column. If you wish to order Alphabetize subjects or Sender emails in Mail inbox then Click on Header and Get order into Alphabetize.


First is a number, [0 to 9] then Character [A to Z].

how do i see all mailboxes in mac mail

Apple’s Mail app on Mac or iOS/iPadOS is one of the best productivity apps. Users can manage multiple mail inboxes or Custom Domain email in one place. Before that, you have to set up Emails account on the mail app. for mac: Open Mail app > From Top menu Mail > Accounts.

Select Mail account service and log in with your account details. Once you sign in to your account successfully, we can manage it from the Mail app sidebar.


To view all the Mailboxes, click on “All Inboxes”. or Expand the Tab and click on Individual email inbox.

That’s it.

Create a New Folder on Mac Mail App [Monterey Update]

If you can’t able to add a new folder on Mailbox on the mail sidebar in App. here are the steps to add, and Create a Folder for the Smart mailbox on Mac.

  1. Open Mail app on Mac, From top Menu Bar, Select Mailbox > New Mailbox…create-a-new-folder-on-mac-mail-app
  2. Select Location of Email Inbox and Create a new folder with your Custom
  3. That’s it.create-a-new-folder-in-mail-app-on-mac
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Another Folder type is Smart Folder, just select Mailbox from top Menu Bar > New Smart mailbox.. > Give a name and Set different conditions. Once your mail meets the condition, so the email is automatically moved or Appear in the Smart folder.

Also, you can drag & move New Folder under the Favourite section that is added to your Mac mail app.

Sorting is also possible on Browser mailbox via

Sorting on Apple Mail inbox on Browser has limited options. Just go to account and under the Mail option, See the Sorting option on the Email pane.short-icloud-email-on-browser

  • Oldest Message on Top
  • Newest Message on Top

That’s it.

Filter Email is an Option: Turn on Filter on the Mac Mail app

The filter makes sorting easier to find the correct email from your Inbox on the Mac mail app. So, that first you have to enable the filter option on the Mail app.

  1. Open the mail app on Mac. From the top Mac menu, Select View > Filter > Enable Message Filter.enable-message-filter-on-mac-mail-app
  2. See the Filter option and Long press on to see the different email filters like Unread, Flagged, To: Me, CC: Me, Only Mail with Attachments, and Only From VIP.filter-mac-mail-app-inbox

That’s it.

For More Mail app customization on your Mac, comment to me below.

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