15 Space Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Space is obviously the most beautiful thing in the universe. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, an aspiring astronomer, or simply someone who appreciates the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe, our carefully curated selection of high-quality space-themed wallpapers will indeed transform your iPhone into a portal to the stars.

If you have ever wished to see the earth from a closer view, then you must Change Lock Screen Wallpaper with our Galaxy wallpapers collections. 

1. Space wallpaper

Dive into the beauty of distant galaxies, mesmerizing nebulae, and breathtaking cosmic phenomena that adorn your device’s screen. 

Space Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Galaxy wallpaper

Get your iPhone a new wallpaper with an amazing galaxy view to celebrate the glory of outer space.

Galaxy Wallpaper for iPhone

3. Cool space wallpaper

Inject a burst of interstellar coolness into your device with our Cool Space Wallpapers – where galaxies collide and cosmic vibes take your screen to the next dimension.

Cool Space Wallpaper for iPhone

4. Earth from Space iPhone wallpaper

We captured the unparalleled elegance of our home planet. Behold the breathtaking beauty of Mother Earth from space with our iPhone wallpaper collection.

Earth from Space iPhone Wallpaper

5. Astronauts in space Wallpaper

Astronauts have a pretty cool life, right? Cosmic pioneers float amidst the stars, bringing the awe-inspiring spirit of space exploration to your device.

Astronauts in Space Wallpaper for iPhone

6. Green spiral galaxy Wallpaper

Adore the magic of the cosmos with our Green Spiral Galaxy Wallpaper, which brings the beauty of swirling galaxies right to your fingertips.

Green Spiral Galaxy Wallpaper for iPhone

7. Cute Galaxy Wallpaper iPhone

Awaken the kids inside you with this super cute Galaxy wallpaper and add a touch of cosmic cuteness to your everyday screen-locking experience.

Cute Galaxy Wallpaper for iPhone

8. Space stars Wallpaper

Wrap your screen in celestial style, where a sprinkle of stars transforms your device into a mesmerizing cosmic canvas, bringing a touch of the night sky to your everyday adventures.

Space Stars Wallpaper for iPhone

9. Galactic wallpaper

Each pixel tells a cosmic tale as constellations and celestial wonders harmonize, creating a captivating visual symphony. 

Galactic Wallpaper for iPhone

10. Solar system space Wallpaper 

Immerse your senses in the mystique of the universe as this wallpaper seamlessly blends artistry and astronomy, delivering an ethereal experience that ignites the imagination.

Solar System Space Wallpaper for iPhone

11. Planets and Moon Wallpaper

From the fiery landscapes of Mars to the serene beauty of Earthrise over the lunar surface, each wallpaper invites you to explore the diverse landscapes of our celestial neighbors. 

Planets and Moon Wallpaper for iPhone

12. Aesthetic Galaxy Wallpaper iPhone

Evoke the ethereal beauty of the universe with this Aesthetic Galaxy wallpaper every time you unlock your phone.

Aesthetic Galaxy Wallpaper for iPhone

13. Space telescope and satellite wallpaper

From the Hubble Space Telescope’s mesmerizing galactic vistas to Earth observation satellites, capture the diverse beauty with this wallpaper. 

Space Telescope and Satellite Wallpaper for iPhone

14. Blackhole wallpaper

Elevate your mobile experience with a soothing space view and embark on a cosmic journey every time you unlock your device with our stunning Black Wallpapers

Black Hole Wallpaper for iPhone

15. Cosmic phenomena wallpaper

This ethereal beauty of cosmic phenomena will give you goosebumps with the blended natural wallpaper vibes, giving your iPhone an aesthetic look.

Cosmic phenomena wallpaper for iPhone


You can easily find general collections of Flower Wallpapers, Fall Wallpapers, Spring Wallpapers, and other categories on any Wallpaper App, but finding the best space wallpapers can be time-consuming. If you often set shuffle wallpaper on iPhone and love experiencing Dynamic Wallpaper over the screen, then you must try our above collections. 

Also, we recommend exploring iPhone Live Wallpaper Apps for more dynamic visual experiences.

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