Spyzie Reviews – Best Parental Control for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac/PC Device

Spyzie Reviews are covered in this article, that'll make you confident about downloading this parental control app for Apple devices.

Ever need to monitor your child’s Internet Activity? Or track the location of your disloyal Life Partner? Spyzie is the most Justified Parental Control App and one-stop spy solution, you can get in the Market.

Why Mobile Phone Monitoring App?

In this age of Netizen, Children are getting access to smartphone and internet way earlier than before. And they are not taught, what they can do with the smartphone. They are pretty Self Learner. This Learning process might lead them into some dark stage of their life depending upon their use. To avoid this, Parents should always monitor their children’s Smartphone Activity.

Remotely Track iPhone and Android Device Spyzie
Remotely Track iPhone and Android Device Spyzie

What Spyzie is Doing?

Spyzie is a Data Tracking application which needs to be installed in target’s device and after that, you can access all the personal data, your target device posses or communicate with. The process to install Spyzie in target device needs to be done physically but once the connection is established, you can access all the data remotely from anywhere, through your Spyzie account. UI of Spyzie is made in a way that the target`s data can be monitor by you without any complications. The design of Spyzie makes it very easy to navigate through different Functions. The dashboard is Self-Explanatory which makes it a very easy operation for first-time users, who have no basic idea of hacking. We have examined each design aspect of Spyzie and our UI Designer has given the best rating for this App. Let’s give you a detailed idea of all primary feature it posses for Monitoring.

How to Monitor on Android Phones without Rooting

Detailed Features

You can see details of all the calls (incoming, outgoing,)including its duration, time, Caller’s name, phone number.

Received and sent messages of the target`s device can be accessed by you remotely. Chat history, multimedia messages, names, number of messages, all these things of target`s device can be seen in your dashboard.

Location Tracking
Live Tracking can be done remotely and a person`s whereabouts are known by this feature.

Browsing History
The Internet is a wide open ground, but with this, you can access your child activity of browsing through the internet in his day to day life.

Social Media Tracking
It’s important to watch over the things your child shares over the internet and conversation he/she does on social media. All the details regarding SM application can be watched by Spyzie

App Tracking
Know all the details about the application used in your Child`s Smartphone. Monitoring the app data can give a real insight into the child`s phone usage.

Data access (videos, Pictures, Documents)
Photos, videos, and documents which are stored in your target`s device can be accessed by you remotely. Videos are seen in a form of Thumbnail (little drawback of SPyzie)

App Blocker
Threatening application can be blocked from a device before handing out to children

Schedule Restriction
Addiction can be avoided by setting the time restriction for phone usage.

Our Conclusion

After reviewing many Tracking application for iOS and Android, we can assure you that Spyzie is a very unique and feature-rich iPhone App for Parental Control and Tracking Application. Its Compatibility with iPhone and Android device is top-notch with all its feature. Without even Rooting your android device or jailbreaking your iOS Device.

Money Value: 5.0/5

Features: 5.0/5

Cross Platforms: 5.0/5

Secure: 5.0/5

Trust Value in Market: 5.0/5

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