Can I Get iMessage on PC 2023 Edition – Here’s Solution In 3 Ways

iMessage on PC

Use iMessage on Windows PC: iMessage is a message service provided by Apple to all of its devices running IOS 5 or later. It allows users to send images, documents, text, GIFs, Current Location, Contact Information, and its irreplaceable emojis by Apple. Apart from Whatsapp messenger and Facebook Messenger, iMessage gives its finest service to Apple Folks. What iMessage differs from conventional message service is that it can be accessed via the internet in IOS devices. And Apple has always overseen that all of its rich features and services can only be accessed by iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and pretty anything which has an apple on it but not anything other than apple.

As an IOS user at home and a Windows user at the office, I have always wanted to use iMessage at the office. And I am sure that there are more people out there like me. So we have found some eluding techniques to access iMessage from Windows PC.

Select From 3 Ways, Start to Use iMessage on PC [Windows 10, Windows 8/ Win 7]

iMessage on PC
iMessage on PC

Remote Access to Mac by Chrome – 1st Option

Believe it or not, Chrome`s Extensive Remote Desktop Feature has saved millions of people at their work due to its easiness and mobilization.

At first, you need to connect your Apple computer to Windows PC with Chrome’s Remote Desktop Feature (Need to Download it first). This process is pretty simple as compare to any software, to access Mac remotely. With this, you can access iMessage of your home`s apple device from your working Windows PC at the office, just the condition is that the Apple device needs to be turned ON and not in sleep mode. It is probably a minor downside of using this method.

Jailbreaking – 2nd Option

This option is quite complicated than the other one. As it includes jailbreaking your iOS device which is a little cumbersome and might involve a minor risk too. The risk is that you might be avoiding your warranty of device and you might brick your device with this method.

After knowing all this and you still want to jailbreak your device, as it gives you an extra custom feature that you might not be getting in normal condition.

There is an app called Cydia which you need to install after jailbreaking. This app will allow you to access your iMessage remotely just by entering the IP address and server port number in your device`s browser.

Using iPadian iMessage – 3rd Option

iPadian is a simulator (3rd party app )to experience all the feature of iOS devices into Windows PC by simply downloading it and installing in your windows PC. By installing an iPadian you can access to Apple messenger app and then downloading it, you can enjoy iMessage on Windows PC.

All methods are for those who own iOS devices at one place and Windows Device at another. But if you only have Macbook and iPhone and can carry it every place you travel you don’t need to worry about these things, Apple`s got your back. But you might need these workarounds at some time of your life.

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