Stop Mac Ringing When I Get Phone Call on iPhone (macOS Sonoma)

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Receiving calls of iPhone on Mac, isn’t it useful? Unless you are a businessman or professional who received dozens of calls in an hour, you might get frustrated because every now and then, the Mac will show notifications while you are busy with work on Mac. Actually, iPhone cellular calls come under the Continuity feature, which will allow you to make and receive calls from Mac. People are thinking this feature is a part of Handoff [Handoff is also working like Mirror between iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch], But I think this can’t solve because it’s personal settings that I have share steps for Disable Mac Ringing on iPhone Get a Call given below.

However, your iPhone and Mac should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and must be signed in with the same FaceTime and iCloud ID. You might have a question, that how Mac can make a call using this feature? A very simple answer to that question is, the Mac will consume your iPhone’s minute and cellular account, just like you are making or receiving phone calls on iPhone. So ultimately, your iPhone’s cellular account is being used here.

How to Turn Off Mac Ringing On MacOS When I Get Call on iPhone

There are two different stages to stop Mac ringing when you get iPhone Calls. Follow along the path and disable calls from iPhone on Mac. We can manage your More than one Mac signed in with the same Apple ID. Here I have two Mac and that is showing under the Calls on Other Devices options. if you wish to stop running all nearby Mac when you get a call on iPhone. Select and Disable toggle Allow Calls on Other Devices.

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Disable Call Ringing on Mac From your iPhone,

iOS 15 & Later

  1. Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
  2. Step #2: Tap “Phone”.
  3. Step #3: Toggle OFF, the “Allow Calls on Other Devices”. This will completely disable Mac ringing when you get a Phone call on iPhone.


  • That’s it.

Older iOS Version,

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Tap “Cellular”.
Step #3: Toggle OFF, the “Allow Calls on Other Devices”. This will completely disable Mac ringing when you get a Phone call on iPhone.

Stop Mac Ringing when i get call on Apple iPhone
Stop Mac Ringing when i get call on Apple iPhone

Note: You can also disable phone calls partially if your iPhone is connected with more than one device. Turn off the particular device mentioned above. You can also manage or stop receiving iPhone call on Mac, Under the FaceTime Preference settings. Follow the next steps to TurnOff Calls from iPhone options under the FaceTime Preference settings.

Disable Call Ringing On your Mac,

Step #1: Launch “FaceTime” on your Mac.
Step #2: Next to the Apple icon, click “FaceTime”.
Step #3: Choose “Preferences”.


Step #4: Uncheck the option, “Calls from iPhone”.


That’s it! From now on, you won’t receive any calls on Mac from iPhone.

 Still receiving iPhone calls on Mac? Take a quick look and fix it.

  1. Check for the updates on Mac and iPhone

Outdated software could harass you by creating such issues. So you should check for the updates and if any pending update is available, update your iPhone and Mac.

On iPhone,

  • Settings app > General > Software Update.

On Mac,

macOS Mojave

  • Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now.
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Earlier macOS Versions

  • App Store > Updates.

Click on “Update All” button to begin the update.

This could fix your calls from iPhone to Mac. Furthermore, if you are having trouble, then report the problem to Apple. They will definitely help you get rid of the problem.

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