Stop whatsApp sharing your number or Other info to facebook

How to Unlink Whatsapp from Facebook iPhone: Tip to Stop whatsApp sharing your number on facebook

Steps for Stop Whatsapp from Sharing Your Data with Facebook iPhone with real reasons and right decision for you to unlink whatsapp from facebook iphone.

WhatsApp’s new privacy option for iOS and Android users released yesterday. WhatsApp and parental company Facebook rolled out user’s privacy about his/her phone number. The motto behind this option is fairly easy and open for all, By join or Accepting this policy you are agreeing to share your phone number to Facebook for Advertising purpose and Friend Suggestion. Also Future time Facebook use or share your contact number with other advertisement firms like Banks and Airlines.

Doesn’t require all time by stop WhatsApp sharing your number, because it’s not the visible phone number, Chats, Photos and Video to existing Facebook users. Because it has been encrypted with the end to end encryption feature tested before some days.


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Update: This feature officially shut down by Whatsapp. So you unable to get following picture settings on your latest Whatsapp on iOS.

So you will receive relevant notification or banner ads in your mobile app (iPhone or Android).

Millions of users worldwide affecting on the new agreement, so here is the guide on what we should do Stop WhatsApp sharing your number with Facebook.

Steps for Stop WhatsApp sharing your Number from iPhone

If you don’t put yourself in hazard and Keep continues your privacy as before then Disable Share my Account info in WhatsApp setting option.

1: Open WhatsApp App on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap on Setting from bottom right corner tab.

3: Next, Tap on Account option.

4: Disable last option toggle (Share My Account info).

Stop Share my info on whatsApp iPhone app Prevent data shared to facebook

Not only primary contact number but also chats text and Personal information will access facebook for batter improvements in advertisement service and Marketing to users.

By enabling this option the company can count actual users in numbers

Can help against abuse and spam activities using social media

Will deliver more relevant Ads and Friends suggestions

Once you disable or Enable this option, on mind change you can update this option any time in future. Repeat the same steps above.

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Video to getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Many users reported about an option for disabling access account info not showing in WhatsApp setting, Maybe you gave your opinion to WhatsApp, it will be automatically hidden.

If you noticed magnificence tips or update on Stop WhatsApp sharing your number, share in the comment.

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