How to Sync your text messages to iCloud? Complete Guide with pictures

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Now Apple’s native Messages app able to sync with iCloud for Backup Text conversations, attachments, and Media file and use on other Apple devices. For that, we need to turn on/ Enable Messages on iCloud from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Now MacOS also has the option under Message preferences for start Sync Message or Enable Messages on iCloud.

The default status for Sync Messages on iPhone is Never. We should start manually by going to the Below steps on iOS Devices.

Update: “Messages on iCloud” feature is currently unavailable on the Mojave and iCloud sync not available on iOS 12. To Stored messages on iCloud features will available in the next update of iOS and macOS next version. the company said.

iS your Messages not syncing on iCloud from iPhone, iPad or MacOS? Don’t Worry. You should Check Free iCloud storage space and Upgrade iCloud Storage.

How to sync iMessage to iCloud From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac

Messages on iCloud

#1: To Enable Messages on iCloud go to the Settings app (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

#2: Under the Settings, Find Messages

#3: Next, See Messages on the iCloud toggle and Enable it. ( Bug in Beta 2 is “Messages on iCloud” Option is Grayed out and Won’t turn on – Check new iOS update or Restart iPhone).

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1 Enable Message in iCloud on iPhone

#4: Now, an Anytime iDevice owner can start Backup by a single tap on “Sync Now” Blue button.

Now you can see, Showing Syncing to iCloud… So it depends on how large your Message backup file. To optimize Message backup, we have a great option for deleting large files and conversations (See my Tutorial on Optimize Storage on iPhone with iOS)

Messages Sync iCloud Turn Off or Stop on Device or From All Device

#1: Go to the Settings and Open it

#2: Next, Messages, and Tap on it

#3: Disable Messages on iCloud, Next Screen will ask about Disable Sync Messages for This device or all Device activated on same Apple ID.

2 Disable Message on iCloud from iPhone remotely

Remotely we can turn off Sync Message on Any Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac).

Once we Successfully sync All Messages in iCloud Backup, We can restore or Extract it using Third-Party iTunes alternatives software.

Enable/ Disable Sync Message on iCloud MacOS)

Sync Whole Message app to iCloud on Mac (MacOS Mojave, High Sierra)

#1: Open Message app on Mac

#2: From Top Menu, Messages > Preferences

#3: Next, Tap on Accounts and Select iMessage account from the left pane, Then Select the Checkbox for “Enable Messages on iCloud.”

Now, Click on the “Sync Now” button near to Enable Messages on iCloud.

Sync Now button is for manually and saves the latest conversation in iCloud from MacOS.

This option helpful and prevent any loss of Message conversations (Simple Text message and iMessage).

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Whenever we restore the old iCloud backup in the new or same device, we will get all messages conversation like other apps (Phone app, Photos, Safari Settings, Calendar and more) and Settings.

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