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if you know you can create a shortcut of any lines for the easy type using Text Replacement word. So here you have to do some things but for apple symbol or logo. There are no any limitations for add shortcut if you added already. So take advantage of a custom keyboard of your iOS device as type apple logo  from iPhone or iPad that’s not possible on any other mobile OS.

Otherwise, you have another option as keep a copy of Apple icon in a note app. But below steps is very quick for frequently use in your Mail app, Note app and any other supportive messaging apps.

After add this, if you fluctuate with your text and want to remove the apple icon from the keyboard then you can do it through the reverse process of the below steps. Use apple logo on iPhone, iPad with iOS 9 or 8

Note: Here you have to open this web page in your iPhone or iPad’s browser, because you can copy apple logo as a symbol from device.

How to type apple logo from iPhone, iPad: iOS 12, iOS 11/ 10, & Earlier

Step 1: Copy:   (Apple Logo or Symbol). For copy tap on it and hold until you will see selection area.

Step 2: After select Apple logo only, Copy from the option.

Step 3: Next, Go to Settings app on iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: Now, General > Keyboard.

Step 5: Next, Under the keyboard option tap on Text Replacement.

Step 6: From Top right corner, Tap on ‘+‘ icon.

Step 7: inside the phrase option, tap there. and choose paste.

Add apple logo then use from keyboard

Step 8: Next, type any word that will be use as a shortcut. here I added appl.

Note: Mostly people asking about use apple symbol or logo to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Chat apps, Mail App, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social networking app. the answer is yes, you can do.

use or add  Apple symbol from iPhone or iPad

Only type shortcut that you have set in your device specific under Text Replacement. same you can do for Mac.

want more help on add  logo or type  Apple symbol from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So share with on Facebook, Google+, or below comment.

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