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How to use Apple TV remote app – iPhone, iPad, Features

Use Apple TV remote app from iPhone and iPad

Apple TV App for iPhone, iPad first time unveiled by apple with some significant features and the rest is in the next update. That I show here, what is in and would be expected improvements in next Apple TV remote app update? Primary features that people are more likely to use it on Apple TV from

How to Turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4: tvOS 12 Accessibility

Turn off VoiceOver using Siri by Apple TV Siri Remote

Apple tv voice over won’t turn off? Get Complete information to shut off/ turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4. The VoiceOver is an accessibility feature as built-in techno including like in iOS, WatchOS, OS X and now it has a place in tvOS. Apple always thinks and makes most useful features for all users

Elgato game capture HD on Apple TV 4 [How to setup and use]

Apple TV game record from Apple TV using Elgato

Elgato one of the most useful gaming accessory, that will record your whole game in HD resolution on play back. But if you know, Elgato game capture really works with Xbox, PlayStation, Will U GamePlay and Apple TV as well. Here you can learn about how to use Elgato game capture HD on Apple TV