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Best Sleep Analysis iPhone Apps, Sleep Tracking: Health App compatible

Health App compatible Sleep cycle analysis app for iPhone

Now in the new latest iOS much more core improvement that’s related to your healthy sleep. Your iPhone will collect real user’s sleep data from the clock apps and the Health app. Also, we have the most valuable convincingly sleep analysis iPhone apps from third-party developed presently in the app store. Before this time millions

Send-Receive Apple Pay Cash Via iMessage on Apple Watch

apple pay on Apple Watch through iPhone from iOS device

Apple’s wallet without wallet concept very clear on make payment only through apple watch; alternatively, you don’t need any other Apple device or confirmation on another device. And more apple watch also cares your account by Passcode for a successful purchase. But the first time you can start apple pay on Apple watch through iPhone

List of pre installed Apps in Apple Watch: Buit in Apps

pre installed apps in Apple Watch, Must use and Common in iPhone

Most of the apple watch apps aware all the folks, who are daily interacting on iPhone, iPad apps, But in the case of apple watch app entirely different. Don’t mind, but apple design the entire app’s user interface very beautifully. Using pre-installed apps in Apple Watch, you can control all the apps which you are