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How to Restore iPhone from Old Backup: Using iTunes or iCloud

5 Restore completed using itunes or icloud

The Last tutorial is on find last all backups taken in Mac or PC via iTunes/Finder On Mac or Save directly to iCloud. Now here I explained about the alternate options for using old backup for restore iPhone or iPad. Note: iTunes officially removed by apple, Now iTunes Replaced with Finder on Mac. The process is equally

Wireless Storage for Macbook: Fast and Easy Backup, Restore

Wireless Storage for Macbook Pro, Air from GloryKylin

Storage in a small device is a Very Essential, which is present in all the digital items for storing different media, Files and Folders for different purposes. Different types of storages are available according to requirement of devices. In not be able to store more then we must take help from third party Wireless Storage

How to backup iPhone contacts on Mac: macOS Sierra

Fixed all problems on Fetch iPhone contacts and Backup

Without iTunes or Third-Party software take all backup iPhone contacts on Mac running on macOS Sierra, EI Capitan or Yosemite. You want only take iPhone contacts, before updates, Reset or Erase iPhone, install new Beta or Developer iOS version, Downgrade to old iOS version, Restore old backup. For all the cases I would like to