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Turn off/ Change Bedtime reminder in iOS 10, 11: iPhone

Notification screen for bedtime interval alert

New clock app in iOS 10/, exceptional modifications, Improvement, and redesigned clock app now more user-friendly features that are not available on any other mobile platforms or third party apps. Get reminder alert sound before your bedtime as you set Bedtime reminder. After that, you can remove it or change bedtime reminder in iOS 10,

New Bedtime in clock app, Setup, Enable/ Disable: Features, Use

Bedtime in iPhone clock app dashboard

In iOS 10, several new features and delightful improvements for better experience by use of new iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad. Bedtime in iPhone clock app is one most useful for users and new for other apps, Health-fitness devices that’s can track, generate very precious report after count sleep time in day wise. Also Bedtime