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Best Sleep Analysis iPhone Apps, Sleep Tracking: Health App compatible

Health App compatible Sleep cycle analysis app for iPhone

Now in the new latest iOS much more core improvement that’s related to your healthy sleep. Your iPhone will collect real user’s sleep data from the clock apps and the Health app. Also, we have the most valuable convincingly sleep analysis iPhone apps from third-party developed presently in the app store. Before this time millions

Accurate iPhone controlled Blood pressure monitor Device

iPhone controlled Blood pressure monitor with iOS 8, iOS 9

Are you aware about your body fitness? Then keep essential devices for care your body and make fit all-time at home or office. Unfortunately, If you don’t go at hospital or laboratory for test or check then you can test your body at home own self or by other family members. So here is the list of

How to Enable/ Disable Fitness Tracking on iPhone

Turn off/ Disable fitness tracking on iPhone with iOS 8.2

Does your iPhone health app not tracking steps? Then follow this article carefully. One of the feature Accurate physical activities and Sync fitness devices data on Health app, And now Apple iPhone and Apple Watch is also #1 Smartwatch for track your health. One on most popular functionality added as health care app named “Workout.” Using