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How to Measure Distance between two points on Google maps iPhone and iPad

How to measure Distance between two points on Google maps iPhone

Google’s native Google Maps app brought the latest update to calculate the distance between cities features called ‘’Measure distance’’. We all us using Google Maps to finding out the distance from our location to destination via public transport, via car, walking, etc., even though these directions on maps rarely show the fact distance between two

How do I add a place to Google Maps with iPhone, iPad or Web

add business or place on google Maps from iPhone

Today, Millions of trending/ developing businesses are running in the world and growing worldwide using top Google services. One of them is Google Maps for Business. Based on this, an unknown person can trust with us from physical identity on a place that is we adding on google map? Because of adding a location on

How to See Street View on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad Easily

Street view on google Maps iPhone and iPad

Now you can use all the Google Maps features on small screen smartphones just like web platform that you have an experienced on Desktop or Mac. 3D view or Street view exciting and love to like live view remotely from anywhere and very clearly. You are unknown or eagerly to know about your next visiting

How to Save/Access Google maps offline on iPhone, iPad

Google Map app for iPhone view offline

Google maps offline on iPhone, really help to all iOS users who have updated Google maps app. Before you go outside or in poor network coverage area, you can plan or prepare own self by storing maps data in your iOS device locally for offline use. The Google Maps officially allow for download region, City