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Setup Organ Donation in iPhone, iPad: Remove You from Donation

Setup Organ Donation in iPhone, iPad in iOS 10

Save the life by pre-register (Setup Organ Donation to iPhone/ iPad) or become a donor yourself. For that, you don’t need to go anywhere, in just few finger taps you can do officially on (Life America Registry) via health app. Mind changes have an also good option for removing her/ Himself using health app.

How to Export Health App Data from iPhone, iPad

Prepare health app for export data

Health App data gives obvious information about your activity, Phone usage and Importance of health. Not to you online but also use full other hundreds of mostly peaceful third-party app for fitness guide, Weight loss, Sleep tracking and analysis. Health app designed multi-purpose help for humans and machine understanding language. By Export Health App Data

Best iPhone Health App Compatible Devices: Be Healthy Forever

Best iPhone Health App Compatible Devices

The Apple’s iOS health app integration makes its iPhone more powerful. It takes care of users by counting walking + running distance, walking steps in mile/kilometer. Apart from that, App has also measure lots of human health-related database like tracks sleep, Cycling distance, workouts, reproductive health, Nutrition and many others. All of these health-related units, some

How to check heart rate on Apple watch and iPhone

Turn on Heart rate Glance on Apple Watch

The Apple watch has come with built-in heart sensor and its measure pulse on the concept of photoplethysmography. If you thinking about how Apple watch measure your heart rate, then get here everything about it. When you wear your Apple watch, there are two types of sensors (Photodiode sensors + Green and infrared LEDs) on the

How to Enable/ Disable Fitness Tracking on iPhone

Turn off/ Disable fitness tracking on iPhone with iOS 8.2

Does your iPhone health app not tracking steps? Then follow this article carefully. One of the feature Accurate physical activities and Sync fitness devices data on Health app, And now Apple iPhone and Apple Watch is also #1 Smartwatch for track your health. One on most popular functionality added as health care app named “Workout.” Using