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iPhone 8 will Come with Touch Bar instead of Home Button

Touch bar iPhone 8 will come with Touch bar instead of Home button

This year, Tech giant Apple will launch three differ handsets in its 10th year of anniversary. Its name will be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 or X. Apple iPhone 8 release date so far away. But, next iPhone line rumors are coming day to day. Apple’s close security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims

iPad/ iPhone home button slow to respond [Fixed]: iOS 10

iPhone/ iPad home button slow to respond on press

Apple’s new iOS 10 redesigned and revamped for unlocking system in all iOS device. In that you must press home button once for unlock screen and other good feature is Raise to wake iPhone screen. But this only available in selected Motion processor iOS devices. In that you unfeel and disappointed with iDevice (iPhone/ iPad)