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Why is My iPhone Battery icon Yellow, Green, White, Black? Get Fixed

iPhone Battery Percentage Yellow on iOS 10 iPhone 7 Plus

Generally, any brands Smartphone battery power saving trick is a big question for all mobile software or even hardware makers companies. Therefore, there is almost popular Smartphone makers are doing R&D on that to increase battery lifespan. apple point on iDevice with the right place by changing the color of battery and alerting the user about, what

Bluetooth not working with iOS 11 and Apple TV 4th version

Bluetooth not working with iOS 9 and Apple TV 4th version

The ultimate guide to fix Bluetooth not working on Apple tv 4th generation/ ATV 4K with iPhone, iPad. You have an Apple Tv 4th  or Apple TV 4K (5Th generation) and running iOS 11/iOS 10 device or third party Bluetooth accessory. And you’re trying to connect your Bluetooth accessory with Apple Tv. Even you won’t log

fix iPhone app crashing on Startup: on iPad, After update iOS

fix iPhone app crashing on Startup time automatically

fix iPhone app crashing on startup or after some time, for many reasons. But here I covered all possible situations for millions of live apps are conflicting with these problems mostly. Today millions of iOS users got the error on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBC News, Weather apps, Calendar App, DropBox, Google Drive, Mail App, News