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How to send message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp [iOS]

create a broadcast list in Whatsapp to send a message to multiple peoples at once

With Broadcast way, send the picture, Video, and Text, Message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iOS device quick easy. Many of WhatsApp users didn’t get the idea on how to message too many friends at once, broadcast message in WhatsApp, forward message to own friend list at once. But you can do it,

How to Setup iPhone as a Mobile hotspot in iOS 8

enable Personal hotspot in iPhone 6

The Apple new update iOS 8, it may not allow personal Wi-Fi hotspot due to its cancellation programme  but, by follow this tips you can eligible to doing it in iOS 8 devices Such as, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5,  iPhone 5S, iPad 2 and other device which are compatible with iOS 8.

How do I Get my iPhone screen to zoom in? Here’s the Answer

Enable Display Zoom on iPhone

Enable display zoom feature works with iPhones running the latest iOS. You can enlarge any data on your iPhone screen automatically using the amazing feature. Pretty useful to grow Apps like message conversations, installed apps on your iPhone, Home screen content and more. Apple is giving this feature only on high-resolution iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro

How to Use Today Widgets in iOS on iPhone and iPadOS

Does iPhones have widgets? Yes, iPhone and iPad both have Widget. Apple’s latest iOS every year comes with awesome features. So, many features in Apple’s iOS platform gained that probably not get in other smartphones operating system like Android. Likewise, Handoff, interactive notification, Wi-Fi Calling, etc. But it’s not essential every folk has known these