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Enable/ Stop to access iCloud drive from app on iPhone, iPad

access iCloud drive from app on iPhone, iPad

iCloud drive app officially available on All iPhone, iPad with iOS 8, iOS 9 or later OS version. Also you can see or view saved documents, number, Pages and Picture, PDF files saved in folder. And now most of the iOS application has no rights to access file for share or use through app directly

How to edit in numbers from iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad

edit in numbers from iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 9, iOS 8

New iOS update, iOS 9 comes with built in iCloud drive app for access all documents or folders saved in iCloud storage account. Now you can also access any Numbers and Pages file on your iPhone, iPad and save files on your iDevice. if you know, you can create documents from Numbers and pages directly on

How to hide and show iCloud Drive in iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

iCloud drive on iOS 9 home screen

Now iOS 9 users can manage all the folders, Files, Media files from iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 9). One of the my favourite iCloud drive with such stunning features and option for customize it like Change folder/ File name, Edit file in Number and Pages, Save it offline and

How to rename iCloud Drive folder in iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Rename iCloud Drive folder in iPhone with iOS 9

iCloud Drive now available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch home screen as a default app running on iOS 9. If you haven’t updated then first download and install iOS 9 on device. Not huge improvement on your old iPhone model buy impressive updates will makes your life more easy by easy to update