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Besides, it works silently and speedily and is much lighter than normal HDDs. All these features result in flash performance in data transfer. Regardless of this your Mac will boost up to a new level and will work smoothly like never before. Don’t torture yourself by searching the whole list of SSDs, fairly take a look on below cheap and conscious SDDs.

Latest Update: Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2018 configurable to 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB SSD drives. You should view theses 2TB SSD Drive, 4TB SSD Drive.

Best SSD Drives for Mac of 2018: Compatible with iMac Pro, MacBook Pro/Air

Samsung 850 EVO – 512GB SSD Drive

The most recommended and highly rated SSD for your Mac is here. With its tremendous reading and writing speed the Mac will not lag though you will feel the increment in speed. Sequentially the reading speed of this drive is up to 540MB/s, and the writing speed is 520MB/s. Reading and writing speed is not enough, IOPS performance also plays an important role, the random reading IOPS speed is 98K and writing speed is 90K.

1 Samsung SSD Drives for Mac


  • Fastest transferring speed
  • Wide compatibility
  • Best clone software
  • Light in weight

Get 512GB SSD from ($214.99)

ADATA – 250GB External SSD for MacBook Type-C

If you have SSD with USB 3.1 connectivity, then there is no need to spend money on any other. ADATA’s SSD is an amazing matching for Mac because it has all the things which can satisfy the requirement of Mac including type C interface. The drive is certified under IP68 for waterproof and dustproof and shockproof too. Different Color combinations are available in various size variant so that you can buy as per your need.

2 SSD Drive for Mac with high transfer rate


  • Small and Compact
  • Fast storing and retrieving of data
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • 3-year warranty

Get it from ($145.45)

SanDisk – 500GB Portable SSD Drive

Store your crucial files, documents, photos, videos and much more with higher security on SanDisk SSD at any instant. It’s highly safe software ensures encryption to access private files. The drive is intelligently fabricated with new materials which result in compactness and acceleration in transmission. SanDisk’s this SSD offers a three-year warranty.

3 Sandisk portble SSD Drive for Mac


  • Shock-Resistant
  • Great file security
  • Slim and sleek

Get it from ($149.99)

Transcend – 256GB Thunderbolt SSD Drive

Transcend’s this SSD is specifically contrived for Mac with pre-formatted HFS+ compatible software. When you connect USB 3.0 of this SSD to USB 3.0 of Mac, this combination will break all limits of your data transmission. Another best alternate of USB 3.0 is the Thunderbolt interface which is as best as USB 3.0 according to performance; you will get Thunderbolt too.

4 Transcend StoreJet Solid State Drive for Mac


  • Two interface connectivity
  • Stylish and so adaptable
  • Pre-formatted for Mac

Get it from ($280.80)

Glyph – 1TB SSD Drive for MacBook Pro 2018

A professional rugged SSD for business enterprise is now at your door. The entire chassis is crafted with aluminum with the tough, rugged bumpers under the body. With such innovative design, it also has the latest USB-C or USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 to securely relocation of your data.

The whole package includes SSD, USB-C to USB 3.1 cord and USB-C to USB 2.0/3.0 cable for separate use. The device is completely formatted to support Mac along with fanless heat dissipation. Best SSD Drives for Mac collection is not complete without this SSD Drive.

5 Blackbox SSD External Drive for Mac


  • Intelligently crafted
  • Fanless Heat Dissipation
  • Supports two interfaces

Get it from ($429)


BUFFALO is the well-known brand for storing and retrieving data with its highly designed devices. It is perfect storage substitute to store backups with Time machine, photos, private files, videos and many more documents. The moral advantage of SSDs is even when you don’t have internet you can access your files at any moment. You can transfer data up to the speed of 10Gbps with its two interface ports, i.e., Thunderbolt as well as USB 3.0 whichever you like.


  • Fastest data transmission up to 10Gbps
  • Time machine compatibility
  • Low cost

Get it from ($139.99)

Also Read: Best NAS Drives For Mac – The Personal Cloud Storage

A list is final that listed most favorite and quality performance best SSD Drives for Mac of 2018.

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Best Thunderbolt 3 RAID for iMac of 2019: Personal Data Storage for MacOS Mon, 08 Jan 2018 06:59:20 +0000 RAID is the data storage which is used to combine multiple disk drives into one or more units for data redundancy. However, if you are running a big enterprise with a lot of necessary files, then you must need this system. If you are dealing with huge files, then RAID Systems will the best data storage for storing data securely.

After installing one of the RAID systems at your home or office, you can work without fear of losing data. Not only it secures data, but also it is helpful to improve the performance of your Mac. The RAID works on the principle of mirror disks, so basically when you store any data on mac, it gets copied and stored in RAID too.

Best Thunderbolt 3 External hard drive raid iMac in 2018: Heavy External Data Storage

#1. G-RAID Raid systems for Mac

G-Technology is acclaimed for making brilliant hard drives. We can assure that it is capable of giving excellent performance in RAID too. The device supports the latest Thunderbolt3 ports to transfer data with extreme speed.

1 G-Raid Thunderbolt Storage for MacBesides you will get USB-C port to connect USB 3.1 to the iMac Pro. Daisy chain is also possible up to 6 devices, and by default, it is formatted to work on Mac and can be reformatted if you want to use for windows.

Order On Amazon – $599.95

#2. Glyph Raid systems for Mac

The Glyph atom is a RAID made with the most recent technology to support all future devices. The Glyph’s portable solid state drive is of 1TB with a tremendous transfer speed of 770MB/s with its Thunderbolt3 port. Since the storage capacity is 1TB, it is better for small business firms.

2 Glyph USB C Thunderbolt external Storage for iMac

The Mac can access this drive because it is already formatted and for windows, you have to reformat it. This portable device comes in four different elegant colors such as silver, gray, gold, and black.

Glyph Order On Amazon – $429.00

#3. Akitio Raid systems for Mac

Akitio’s enclosure is specially designed for Mac user to store data. The Thunderbolt3 can transfer data with the remarkable speed of 40GB/s. Likewise, the display part of this system can maximize your workspace by adding a monitor.

3 Thunder 3 Personal Storage for MacOS

It can hold four hard drives of size 2.5” or 3.5” in it to manage data. Although, if your laptop is compatible with the box then you can charge it with the output of 27W.

Order on Amazon – $479.00

#4. Promise Technology Raid systems for Mac

If you want rid of the slow transferring speed of Thunderbolt 2, Then Pegasus is an outstanding alternative. With the 6 Bay hardware, it can transfer 40GB/s which are double the Thunderbolt 2. With this Raid System, there is a FREE license of ChronoSync Pegasus Edition backup software for macOS included.

4 Promise Personal Cloud Storage for mac compatible

The storage supports daisy chained up to 6 devices with its unbelievable two Thunderbolt 3. Work and edit 4K videos flawlessly with the advanced RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10. If you buy this deal, then you will get ChronoSync Pegasus Edition Backup Software for free on your Mac.

Order on Amazon – $2602.38

Hope you guys this list helpful to you pick up best Thunderbolt 3 RAIDs for iMac, MacBook, and Other Systems. Use this External Storage for saving GBs of Storage inside it and quickly access whenever you want.

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Speaker volume too low on Macbook pro, Air, Mac – Here’s the fix Fri, 05 May 2017 11:35:19 +0000 Mac users are using MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Mini for different purpose like Personal use, Presentation, Meetings, Gaming, Entertainment, Professional Movie/ Video making. And it’s hesitating while we feel Speaker volume too low on MacBook regularly from Skype other Web platforms, Watch Movies or Play audio file online or offline, Different types of sounds and alerts.

Are you looking for the mix up some sound? Then MacBook audio interface awesome to use for extending sound level and editing purpose.

Settings are compatible onYosemite, EI Capitan, MacOS Sierra and later.

1 Customize Macbook pro Sound low level

Troubleshooting tips: Speaker volume too low on MacBook Pro, Air, Mac

Use keyboard shortcut for increase volume instantly

The keyboard shortcut is the smartest way to change volume level without find sound shortcut on Screen. It’s always enabled either volume icon in the Menu bar or Changed degree from system preference.

Press F12 Key – Maximize sound level from current

Press F11 Key – Decrease sound level

F10 Key: Mute or Louder volume

Enable Volume on Mac menu bar

Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sound.

6 Macbook low speaker volume

  1. Sound Effects

Here’s the list of different sounds alert as a built in.

For the Testing purpose, Play sound in different speaker listed under “Play sound effects through.” Also, maximize Alert volume level.

2 Manage Mac sound

Output volume is also essential; Here you can see volume level status between two speakers (Left & Right). 

Input Sound: Change microphone input sound intensity, by reducing ambient noise reduction (Enable this options).

Check all connected External Speaker

More than one sound system or speaker connected to a single Mac system is not surprising. Yes, that we can manage efficiently and use it regularly without removing or disconnect all other attached device for any time.

4 Settings for output sound

Find all connected Speakers and switch to anyone. By choosing it from Volume icon in Mac Menu bar.

7 Enable Sound settings on Mac MenuBar

Desktop Internal Speaker, Bluetooth External Speaker, Connected with Headphone Jack, Line speaker connects on audio jack.

Disable or Enable Notification sound on Mac

We can completely Turn off or Turn on Notification sound on Mac, That might be disturbing the Mac owners or at working space to other people.

See the Screen below, Disable only notification sounds -> Play user interface sound effects.”

6 Disable notification sound only

Related:  Fix Low Volume on Apple Watch

Clear Sound Settings from MacBook RAM

Mac system store some useful settings in small size RAM for Quickly Access/ Save or Change the settings. This RAM is called NVRAM (nonvolatile random access memory).

That we can clear at Mac startup screen and it’s necessary on old Mac system, restart Mac and Press and hold four keys (Alt + Command + P + R) for 20 seconds. Release all the keys once you get startup sound.

Check for Update

Outdated MacOS can be a problem of no speaker sound on MacBook. Please check for the latest update in Mac App store (Current MacOS Sierra).

Open App store > Update > See the list of new updates and go for the upgrade if any?

Low volume on online Media file – Audio or Video

It depends on the audio quality of a video; I recommended checking sound level in online media player. Ex: YouTube, Vimeo.

MacBook Hardware issue

Go to apple support for check up at apple genius bar. Internal hardware problem may be a cause of low speaker volume or MacBook not sounding like a before (New MacBook Pro/ Air).

Still, MacBook has fantastic sound system architecture compare to other MacBook pro alternatives (Laptops). 

I recommended to use MacBook speaker minimum as possible, use External headphone or Speaker to extend battery life and Beware from other hardware problems.

CleanMyMac 3 Review: on MacOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra to Yosemite Thu, 09 Mar 2017 11:05:58 +0000 Do you need “Free Mac Cleaner” of 2018?, Have you never tried third party software on Mac? Get rid of slow mac or clean unwanted apps or files & Folders. I am one of them and right now sharing the honest guide on how to fix all the problems in your Mac completely and automatically. I am bewoffrom third-party free software available in store or software companies named are Mackeeper, Ccleaner and many others from the wrong experience and problems ahead that saying me on forms or my web. This CleanmyMac 3 reviews potentially encourage from one day. What is the best for me and others? As well as for personal or business use.    

I shared my own experience what I get and lost? After clean up my mac with CleanmyMac 3 software from MacPaw.

From hundreds of app installed on system hard to remove one by one, Some app show message This app can’t be moved to trash because it’s open or in Use on Mac.

CleanMyMac 3 Reviews for buying guide

After followed quick installation setup on Mac, Start with a single click on Scan button available on CleanmyMac 3 software. And complete all the process step by step in short time and make your Mac fully optimized.

Compatible Mac Models:

MacBook Pro, iMac, MacMini and MacBook Air, running on MacOS Sierra or later and Old OS X Versions.

Reviews of CleanMyMac 3 Review for All Mac users: MacOS Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite

Overview of Welcome screen: CleanMyMac 3

Free version or Pro version ($39.95) of CleanMyMac 3 looks like the screen below, To start scanning various problems that all the cause of your MacOS Poor performance. Once you click on start button, Software automatically starts scanning for GBs of data saved in whole mac.

Welcome Screen for Clean My Mac 3

The software tries to find, System junk (Cache file), Photo junk, Mail attachment, iTunes junk, Trash Bin, Large & Old files.

Find problem from Mac using Clean My Mac 3

System Junk: This check performs and helps to remove the temporary file from the system, Slim application size, Various error.

Photo Junk: Optimize whole photo library, That’s affecting actual photo saved in the picture library.

Photo junk remove from Mac using CMM 3

Mail Attachment: Remove locally saved email attachment from Mac without changing your Mail inbox data or attachment.

iTunes Junk: Are you using iTunes for Backup iOS device, Downloads, iOS updates? But we don’t know how many corrupt downloads, Backup, and File stored in iTunes directory. Clea My Mac 3 also remove old software updates and backup.

iTunes Junk find corrupt and old data in iTunes

Empty trash bin, Automatically if you want.

Find large and old files on Mac and remove

CleanMyMac 3, Also scan all the folders in root and list out files in big size.

Start Clean process in Clean My mac 3

Next Part is Manage apps with CleanmyMac 3

Enlist full list of the installed app in CleanMyMac software. Choose one or more app then move to trash in just one click. I experienced, before few days I deleted the app from my Mac but Some data or files were not deleted. CleanmyMac helps and done a job by removing all.

Auo apps Uninstaller in Clean My Mac 3

Some apps we cannot delete because it’s running background. Or Some apps have more components like MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe photo stop (Adobe cloud, Photoshop and more).

Clean My mac app removal start

Reindex Spotlight Search, Mail Search: Maintenance

Maintenance is refreshed old indexed data and help out to get a significant result very fast all the time.  


Maintain privacy by clearing all data from Mac

Instantly remove all the browser history only, also sensitive chats data or transcript.


Find and Remove all extensions from Mac

Apple’s New update in MacOS explores extension support in Browser & Different foreground or Background services.


Shredder option for erase all file or folder

This option will make your files and folders unrecoverable for any recovery software or trash bin.

Above are the primary features that users can perform on Mac anytime, But this Mac Cleanup software check system health all the time. In the result, You will get money value satisfaction.

Clean My Mac 3 Shortcut in Top Menu bar

Know up to date information about your Mac’s health from CleanMyMac 3 shortcut icon on top menu bar.

The bottom line on CleanMyMac 3 review:

Great support that always ready to help, Finally you get perfect cleaner, MacKeeper alternatives for Mac. All in one best Mac Cleaner in 2017.

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How to fix Pages Quit unexpectedly on MacOS Mojave, High Sierra, EI Capitan Tue, 07 Mar 2017 14:42:17 +0000 This is the most common problem Mac users are facing right now on Mac, Macbook, iMac or Mac mini running on MacOS Mojave, Sierra, Yosemite or EI Capitan. I am one of them, and I fixed this problem on my self after longtime efforts to fix it. I also experience and seems that report in apple for this error doesn’t look fixed and helpful for me. You must follow all are the helpful methods for auto fix problem on “Pages quit Unexpectedly”, “Pages keep crashing 2017”, “after update page won’t open” while we open a new page or open existing saved pages on a system at before.

Pages are the most powerful app in MacOS for access documents in any format without any third-party extension or third party software.

Alternate solutions on Pages Quit unexpectedly on Mac

Pages Quit unexpectedly on MacOS Sierra, EI Capitan

Method 1: Clear preference cache

error on pages quit unexpectedly

Launch finder on Mac, Press Option key from keyboard and Click on Go from finder menu,

If you press the option key, then you can see library option in the dropdown menu option.

Pages Quit unexpectedly on MacOS Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite

Next, Click on “Library” then See the Library files saved on your Mac system.

find preferences in Go menu

Under the Library folder go to the Preference folder > Right click on “” > Move to trash.

Move to trash library folder on Mac

Also clear “Trash data”.

Make trash folder empty on Mac

Method 2: Clear data under Cache

Find Library folder same as explained in method 1 > Caches > Remove “”

Method 3: Remove third-party add-on

If you installed any third party extension or tools in your Pages. Remove all.

Method 4: Update MacOS or Pages in the App store

Spent some time to update your system, that helps to fix out all the problem while you try to open or start new.

Apple will send regular updates on device performance and improve user experience on most of all Apple devices.

Make sure are you trying to open correct supported file formate on pages.

Hope you will get right troubleshoot techniques on Pages Quit unexpectedly or pages won’t open on Mac, pages keeps crashing Mojave, pages not working on Mojave, from here. Try to help someone to fix a problem like this.

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How to Force Quit App on Mac Mojave: Tricks to Force Quit Frozen, Hanged and Crashed Apps on Mac Tue, 21 Feb 2017 14:20:51 +0000 My last article is near to manage running frozen window using Force Quit App on Mac running with MacOS Mojave [10.14], MacOS Sierra, EI Capitan or Yosemite. First we have to check why an app is freeze? How many applications and process running on our Mac in the background or on screen? That you can see by View running all Apps on Mac. Also, learn alternate ways to fix your problem on close frozen windows from MacOS.

A single app that can affect your Mac’s performance and other running Mac Programmes. So you will feel your Mac slow performance overall. Don’t be panic/ hesitate, First, follow my simple guide given below. The primary reason is incompatible App version or lower MacOS Version. Check that in App store App > Update tab.

Tricks to Force Quit App on Mac which is frozen, Hanged and Crashed Apps on Mac

Force Quit App on Mac Mojave 10.14 and Tricks to Force close frozen Hanged Apps


First, I covered the simple method to Force Quit App on Mac then hard.

Method 1: Force Quit App Using Dock

Quit or Force Quit app on Mac

Open up an App icon that is shown in the dock with a white dot just below the app. It’s easy to identify if multiple browser or windows opened from the same app. do Right-click on an app icon in dock > Choose Quit or Force Quit.

Now, let’s look at alternative tricks to Force Quit App on macOS Mojave and earlier operating systems of Apple Mac Computer.

Method 2: Get all running Apps to Force Quit App on Mac

Go to the Apple icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Close app from apple menu

Next, Force Quit. Get Force Quit Applications windows on screen then

Select App > Force Quit

(Force Quit App on Macos Mojave Shortcut keys: Command + ALT + ESCAPE) && Command + ALT + SHIFT + ESCAPE

Select frozen app and quit

Method 3: Force Quit App on Mac via Activity Monitor tool

Just like windows users (Command + Alt + Delete for Task manager), OS X Users also use Activity monitor and close running but the frozen app on screen forcefully.

Open Finder on Mac.

Find Applications folder from side panel > Utilities Folder.

Find Utilities folder on Mac under Application

Under the Utilities > Activity Monitor

Launch Activity App for Mac

Click on CPU tab to see all running applications with detailed technical information.

Find app from name > Select it > Click on the cross close button at the top right side in the same windows > Click on Force Quit.

Select Running or Background app on Mac for Force quit using Activity monitor

Also, Check App Process and Threads inside process tab,

1 Find app process on MacOS Mojave in Mac

That’s it. You’re done!

6 macOS Mojave Features and Changes

>Enable dark Mode on macOS Mojave

>Set up Dynamic Display on macOS Mojave

>Get macOS Mojave default Wallpaper

>Use Emoji in Mail on macOS Mojave

>Take a Screenshot on macOS Mojave

>Record Screen on macOS Mojave

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Best MKV Video Players for Mac to Play Any Media File Mon, 20 Feb 2017 14:54:52 +0000 Get rid of daily confusion comes in macOS user’s mind, how to play MKV file on Mac or Which are the best MKV players for MacOS Mojave, High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, Mac OS EI Capitan, Yosemite or Mavericks. As we know, MKV is the most favorite and perfect for watching the video in HD resolution. Also open source MKV standard video format available on the internet from biggest online websites. Also, Apple released HD resolution screen 4K and 5K iMac screen in last two years. So don’t miss to enjoy rich media experience using the best MKV players for Mac OS X.

General Questions from Users are,

  • Can VLC play .MKV file on Mac?
  • Best MKV extension for MacOS X
  • Can’t able to play.MKV file on my iMac, MacBook Pro or Air.

Best media players are playing MKV (Matroska), MOV (QuickTime), AVI, MP4, FLV (Flash video) and other supported video format.

Get More: Top MKV Players to watch Videos on iPad

After installing any of the MKV media players from below list, you can open MKV video by right click on it > Open With > Choose installed software.

Download guide: For all players, you should find .dmg setup file, “Not .exe” from given download source page for each media player.

Note: are you running the old version of a software, please try to update it for new features for HD video play. Otherwise, delete the app and re-install Software on your System.

Top 6 Best MKV video players for MacOS Mojave, Sierra, EI Capitan, Mavericks: 2018

1. VLC – Best MKV Player for Mac

VLC media player for Mac play MKV file

VLC for MacOS X available in free for use on any Mac devices. Because it is open source so we can use it for personal and professional business use. This player is supporting most of the video file format, without lost picture quality on any screen resolution. Get the latest version of VLC player right now on your Mac using below download link,

Video LAN, New options for stream video channel into the VLC media player.

Get VLC Software at here: Download VLC for Mac

You might like this: Keep media file & Folders safe with Password protect software.

2. Eltima – Best Video Player for Mac

eltima video player play MKV file on Mac

Eltima Pro or free is one of the best players for Mac users. That’s compatible with most of the MacOS version (EI Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks). Eltime player for Mac is not only for play.MKV file but also able to FLV, RM, and RV, XAP, SWF, MP4, AVI, WMV.


  • For Batter quality and visualization adjust video color, Saturation, Brightness
  • Choose audio language & Subtitle.
  • The fit image in full screen
  • Access favorite video channel to Eltima player: Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion
  • Remotely control video using Myo armband. Also, learn how it works.
  • Airplay mirroring (Airplay Supported Device – iOS & Mac)
  • Flip, Rotate, revert video

Eltima available in Pro version added full features that are enjoyable while we watch movie or video.

3. Perian

perian MKV video player for Mac

QuickTime doesn’t support MKV or any other media file to pay for it. Perian help to extend the ability to play the same file in QuickTime. After install on your Mac, Perian works like QuickTime extension.

Download Perian for Mac and supported file formats.

After successfully download and install, Play MKV file in QuickTime.

4. Plex – Best Media Player for Mac

plex best Video player for Mac

Plex media server install on your Mac or iPad where you want to play the video file. Plex server connects any device and screen size in depends on Screen resolutions. So, same video, TV shows or movies we can browse on Apple TV, Mac, iPad and other cross-platform devices.

So we can share with our family or friends so that they can see the same video at home or office. The Plex Pro features include access offline, Parental control, Support for all file format, Media Optimizer, Save online video to flex server for watching later, Cloud Sync, Direct camera upload to flex server, Access online channels.

5. MXPlayer

mplayerx for play MKV file on Mac

MXPlayer is a pro like a free (Spent just $1.99) tool for Mac, compatible with most of the OS X version (10.6 or later). Pro tools come up with all the features like support most of the all file format, Stream video from online video channel, Simple connect, play and Stream to your device or home theater. Also other display settings and Volume equalizer customization.

Extra dose

6. Divx

Best MKV players for Mac

Enjoy one more in the list of top Best MKV players for Mac OS X, equipped to play 4k video on Windows and Mac. Supported file formats are MKV, HEVC, DivX.


  • Set custom frame rate
  • Ad-free, Cloud Connect
  • Play video directly from chrome cast
  • Built-in converter, Set logo, Crop video border, Take snapshots

More info and Download Divx.

If you’ve iPhone, then you can also try these easy to use Video Player Apps for iOS.

Above all are the trading best MKV players 2018 that running with today’s generation and people expect. What MKV Players you would like to use most?

Do you have any other good MKV video player for Mac free? Share it in the comments.

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