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How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram (2020)

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

In the beginning, Instagram was designed to stay connected with your friends, family, and beloved ones, but now aside from all of these many entrepreneurs and digital markers are using it to create awareness for their products, running campaigns, and more. For them, finding your Phone Number and Email address is pretty simple if you’ve

How to Remove Account Suggestions on Instagram iPhone, Android

Looking at the engagement of users on Instagram, you may have seen the Suggestions for You section in your feed, which is perspectively annoying or helpful for every third user on Instagram. The suggestions are based on your activity of interacting with the Explore Feed, Following Celebs and Friends, Exploring Profiles, and much more. So,

How to Update Instagram and Snapchat on iPhone in iOS 13

Instagram and Snapchat, regularly releases update when introducing new features, or fixing bug and to make the app fast. If you look carefully, there’s a huge competition between Instagram and Snapchat, since most of the functionalities are commonly available in both apps. The recent update on Instagram added various face filters, while Snapchat users got