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Best iOS 10 Developer Course Online: 2020

Best iOS 10 Developer course for iPhone, iPad app

Live professional life in a short duration by spent minimal effort. With these are the top best iOS 10 developer course. Based on learning methods, Presentation, communities and Expert’s guide we have some alternate options from there we can learn iOS 10 application development for iPhone/ iPad. You have a great chance to go with

How to move iCloud Calendar to Google Calender [PC]

5 import iCloud Calendar to Google calendar ics file

As we know calendar on your device is a smart way to memorize upcoming event, Notification for the different purpose. So people are using the calendar for Business, Student or Office work, at that point you might be using different service like iCloud, Google. Then what are the best things to access different platform calendar

Create contact group on iPhone or without iCloud

7 Create Group in iPhone contact app

Make a group in contact app is key solution of manage contact on multiple device or with your family iDevice, when we use shared icloud apple ID (Same apple ID). When you will register your iDevice with apple ID it will automatically sync contact to your phone app from cloud. In the latest iOS update,

How to Use Siri to Send money with PayPal on iPhone

Siri to send money with PayPal on iOS 10

Apple’s iOS software has extensive features than earlier iOS. Among all good iOS 10 features, Siri’s third party (iOS 10 SDK) application supports is excellent. There are many apps now users can do via Siri. The user can make a request and get a reply by Siri. Same way, PayPal became an app that supports