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Create contact group on iPhone or without iCloud

7 Create Group in iPhone contact app

Make a group in contact app is key solution of manage contact on multiple device or with your family iDevice, when we use shared icloud apple ID (Same apple ID). When you will register your iDevice with apple ID it will automatically sync contact to your phone app from cloud. In the latest iOS update,

How to Use Siri to Send money with PayPal on iPhone

Siri to send money with PayPal on iOS 10

Apple’s iOS software has extensive features than earlier iOS. Among all good iOS 10 features, Siri’s third party (iOS 10 SDK) application supports is excellent. There are many apps now users can do via Siri. The user can make a request and get a reply by Siri. Same way, PayPal became an app that supports

Sign In or Access 1Password web account on iPhone, iPad App

5 Master password for 1Password (1)

1Password is one of the most powerful and Bullet proof service, right now served to millions of people over the world. And it’s available for all OS and Device platforms (Web, App – iOS/ Android, Desktop – Mac/ Windows). Whenever you create account on Web, then it’s difficult to find how to open/ Sign in

How to Manage & Free up iCloud Storage space Using iPhone/ iPad

4 Clean up space on iCloud from iPhone and iPad

iCloud by Apple is free for all Apple device under storage space limitations Up to 5GB free storage space. We can use across multiple devices for auto sync data like iCloud keychain, Photo library, iMessage, iCloud Mail, Notes, Apple music library, Calender’s, Mail, Pages, iCloud Drive documents and Folders, Numbers and Other third-party apps that

Make Call From lock screen iPhone: Without unlock in iOS 10

3 Enable Widget on iPhone

We can’t customize lock screen options like access camera on lock screen and replace with other function. And the biggest change in new lock screen is slide to unlock replace with press home button to unlock or Touch ID. Nevertheless not to hard but complex compare to old unlock screen techniques. But for instant call