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How to Disable/Stop location share on iMessage in iPhone

Stop location share on iMessage iPhone, iPad with iOS 9

Share your location on iMessage is easy between All iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad). Once you sent a request to your friend about your location that will continually track the current location and will be shown to receiver friends or family member at iMessage or Find Friend app. If you don’t want then disable it. Although

Remove triangle arrow on iPhone status bar: lock or home screen

Remove or Turn off Triangle arrow on iPhone status bar

Some location-based background service and application on Apple Devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod or Mac/ MacBook) automatically turn location service itself. But in the favor of user’s acknowledgment, he/ she will see arrow icon at top of the device status bar (iOS device) and Mac’s Menu bar. But this is open privacy in favor of device’s user. That’s

Face to Face interview on iPhone app or Web: Online Selection

Start Interview on iPhone app

Looks like odd but it’s true and the just fine way to check or calculate the power of your dream employees that you want hire on special talent or job in Small or Big companies. Now most of the international and local companies added very good option in recruitment structure. So here you can find