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The below parameters can easily fix all these obstacles. Try one by one and check YouTube is working or not after every trial.

Essential Fixes to Consider: YouTube Not Working on iPhone

1 YouTube Not Working on iPhone get fixed

1. Internet Settings

Internet settings refer to cellular data or Wi-Fi connection of your iPhone, which means if you’re playing video on the 4G network then switch it to 3G or if you are using Wi-Fi, then you must verify whether the router is receiving and sending signals correctly or not.

In the router, you can switch the frequency from 5 GHz band to 2.4 GHz band.

2. Update your modem firmware

Yes, this might be a reason for YouTube not working. You should keep your modem or router updated because to transmit signals or frequency modems uses firmware (it is inbuilt software) which is mandatory to remain updated otherwise you may face problems in playing video or in any other application which is based on internet.

3. Uninstall the iOS YouTube app or Update

On your iOS App Store, Check New YouTube app update is available or not. Open “App Store” > “Search YouTube app.” If YouTube app update is there, you will see update button otherwise Open means it’s okay.

Sometimes YouTube app gets crashed when you’re playing video, to troubleshoot this, you must force close YouTube and then again launch the app. Even if the application is malfunctioning, then you should go for uninstalling and reinstalling an application from the App Store.

3.1: Important YouTube Settings that cause Problem or Crashing, Unlike to use

They’re fascinating and most useful YouTube app settings for the app that prevent and limit on use. See the settings and check are you okay with the app,

YouTube app settings: Open YouTube App, Tap on Profile icon showing at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Remind me to take a break: Remind you to take a break from continuous watching like interval
  • Theme: Light mode and YouTube Dark mode
  • Restrict Mode: Enable, that prevent from mature content showing on app search and video suggestion.
  • Play HD on Wi-Fi only: Only play HD Video on a WiFi connection
  • Watch ON TV: Remotely stream YouTube Video on Smart TV, Setup with your TV.
  • Notification: Manage all warnings or alerts.
  • Upload Quality
  • Upload Over WiFi: New Video only uploads over the WiFi connection.
  • And More…

4. Download YouTube videos to iPhone

One of the best alternate of YouTube not working, because this solution recommends you to download video offline using another app on your iOS. Many other applications are available in which you will get all the content of YouTube like iTube Studio.

Even when you don’t have an internet connection at that moment, you can also watch videos by downloading and get rid of buffering.

We can Play YouTube Video on Safari – That’s Play YouTube Video in the background or locked iPhone.

5. Adjust video quality

It is a ridiculous complaint of users, for this, you should check your internet connection. As per speed of connection the variety of video changes and still, you are not satisfied with it then manually adjust video quality and enjoy videos on YouTube.

6. Restart the video

“Tap to retry” or “restart the video” generally this message is displayed on the screen when the internet is slow, or video is not responding. For this, you can tap on the screen or swipe down the video and play it again. It may solve your issue.

7. Restore iPhone

After following precautions still, you are facing difficulty then restore your iPhone. Connect your iDevice to laptop or PC and launch iTunes. There you will find the “Device” icon and then tap on the iPhone’s name and click on “Restore.” After this, follow the pop-ups and restore your device. After an update, youtube app stopped working! Sometimes incompatible iOS version needs to downgrade iOS on iPhone.

8. Reboot iPhone

A lot of burden on the iPhone can cause minor software issues. The simple way to deal with this is to reboot your iPhone and give a fresh start to the device. It will free up memory from processor and iPhone will work with high speed. Try again to play videos on YouTube.

To reboot the iPhone tap and hold the power button and swipe it to the right side and device will shortly reboot.

9. Update YouTube

It is obvious that updates are avail to users with new features by reducing bugs of the software. Determine if any update for YouTube is available or not if an update is available then without thinking much just jump to App Store and update YouTube App.

10. Reset network settings

Resetting network setting will erase all your Wi-Fi passwords, VPN and Bluetooth. So before resetting note down all the passwords otherwise you will lose all of your data. When any trouble arises in the network, it is difficult to track down, so it is better to reset network setting.

To reset network settings follow the steps:

#1: Go to “Settings.”

#2: Click on “General.”

#3: After a tap on “Reset.”

#4:  Find and tap on “Reset Network Settings.”

#5: Finally tap on Confirm panel to “Reset.”Reset network setting on iPhone

11. Update iPhone

Updating iPhone is last but not the least fixing of any problem. Every iOS update is released with amazing features and significant improvements in previous apps which results in the smooth functioning of iOS. You receive an update on iOS goes for it.

YouTube not working on iPhone XS Max/XR, X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6 Plus. Fix using the above troubleshooting guide.

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View Recently Played YouTube Video On iPad/ iPhone History Thu, 19 Jan 2017 12:42:29 +0000 Unable to find a recently played video on YouTube iOS app, very functional YouTube app we can do all the stuff like Find Recently played YouTube video, Add or Create a new Playlist, Clear YouTube Search history on iPhone/ iPad, Filter video in the Search result. Also know how we can see also on other devices like Android, Mac, Windows PC Browser (we must log in YouTube account with common Email and Password on other devices).

Search history videos saved in the queue in a single account, not saved on Device specific.

So most recent videos are easy to find then before few days or months. If you are using your YouTube account on multiple devices or regularly, it will be in search history in the list.

YouTube saved search history in the cloud. Once you cleared it, it will be erased on all devices. After that, there is a no option for restore.

Steps to View Recently played youtube video on iPad/ iPhone

Step #1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone/ iPad.

Step #2. Tap on Library from the bottom right corner of the iOS app screen.

Youtube App settings for recent Video history

At Top, the First option is History.

Video history on iPhone

Enjoy your recently played video. To clear Watch History tap on Delete icon from the top.

Want to find on Mac or PC Browser

You have been seen YouTube video on iPhone/iPad, wants to access on a desktop browser.

Click on Direct link; See the All played video for your account.

A note has an iOS app. Yes, we can try on iOS Browser, after login YouTube.

You are searching every time your favorite recently played video in app history, a Better solution is Save Video offline or Add-in YouTube video in Playlist.

Thank you for being with us, get more YouTube hidden tips and updates after recently played YouTube video from us via our social page, just like or share it from below buttons.

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Best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone/ iPad: iOS app Mon, 01 Aug 2016 12:41:37 +0000 Live your life with real art that’s make you most relatively or engaged with your friends on different social media and Profile. Still some apps are live for the people who don’t get Prisma app to use on iOS device due to not compatible iOS version. So here I suggested best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone that’s also available for other Mobile and Web platforms.

Note: Prisma app required iOS 8 or later version, Make sure about your iOS 8 compatible devices and Update it if yes. Install iOS 8 on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

Best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone and iPad: iOS

Prisma App alternatives for iPhone, iPad

PicsArt Photo Studio

Photo lab Photo app alternatives

Full Features in Free version, and Pro Version is awesome. PicsArt is #1 Best Photo editing and Art graphics designing tools for iOS users. Millions of users are active on this app before Prisma and Also currently. Picsart has Major improvement and largest community to meet and learn virtual art from world people. Basic stuff and mixture of pattern, Shading, Effects and Filter made your picture really awesome. Easy to tools for make layers, Add shapes, Text, Hands free Drawing/ Painting tools and images.

Thereafter it’s easy to save or share on social media directly from app. Natural public pics that we can use in our original photos.

Download App – Free

Photo Lab: Art Photography app

Dreamscope iOS app for iPhone

Photo Lab allows using app for Real Experience on mixture of different photos or Body organs. Millions of Experienced users really Happy that’s overcome Prisma app features. Notable features are Creative Effects, Sample Frames for test, Blur effect, Picture contrast, Best Filter option. And many other basic cropping, editing, Color management, Touch up tools for Pro users.

Click to get app on Play store – Free


Superphoto iOS app for Replace Prisma

Paint polish your picture just like you created in Prisma iOS app. That’s cover most of the historical painters painting styles and Understating. Easy to show real effect on photos before you save or get it final view.

Download Dreamscope app – Free


Picsart Photo Editing iOS app for Prisma users

Outstanding picture art and Effect available in this iOS app. 208 Unlocked effect for free to use and more 1300+ effect you can ride by purchasing or spent little more. Not to see it’s for try yourself.

Get App Free

Above all are very precious list that we can add in Prisma App alternatives for iPhone/ iPad device.

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Prisma running slow or ‘over capacity’? Here’s what you can do fix on iPhone, iPad: Unfreeze or Fast Wed, 27 Jul 2016 09:23:44 +0000 Prisma is a real art app, Millions of people like an app to use own photo and apply different effect look like Picasso, Fresco, Michelangelo and much precious real art. A not perfect but true modification that feels really well. But right now Prisma user flustering slow process or Getting Message Prisma is over Capacity in iPhone/ iPad. Prisma breaks all the record in Photos app categories just like Pokémon Go. Also, Prisma is online photo transition app, that depends on too many factors, maybe you are in trouble for that. Please read carefully and try to make out from that as soon as possible.

Prisma Server base game will modify your original copy at server not on your iPhone/ iPad locally. Millions of users are trying from Different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows PC/ Laptop or Mac (Using Bluestacks).

You might also like: Remove Prisma logo watermark on the iPhone.

Prisma is over capacity fixed on iPhone, iPad

Ways to fix Prisma is over capacity or Running slow on iPhone/ iPad

On users request app furs upload your photos to the server and Apply to differ photo editing tools as of artist command, after prepared picture art it will send to your device for download on a device through the app. A process is too lengthy but the result is amazing.

Optimum (Medium Time to required process) speed: 10 Sec to 30 Sec, First Effect take a long time to compare to than others Prisma effect.

Some Times Server problem on the server end, showing message Prisma is over capacity on large users request.

Recover and Fix out Problem:

Upgrade to high-speed Data plan or Update Cellular Data iOS settings for LTE or 4G (Go to the Settings App > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice > LTE). Also, check Wi-Fi signal or Test intent speed when you are using an open or public network.

Wait for more, Don’t close an app

Every first attempt you feel same, Takes more time to load or Convert photo into art. Also, close other background apps or running applications forcefully through the multi-app screen. It’s may happen your iOS device freeze, no problem on internet connection.

Disable save Artwork automatically

Also, check one more settings option, Launch app > Tap on Gear setting icon > Disable Save Artworks Automatically.

All is perfect, Just wait for more when you show the message like Prisma is over capacity, Tool long wait for show process on Prism. Any helping suggestions, keep shared with us.

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Face to Face interview on iPhone app or Web: Online Selection Fri, 24 Jun 2016 11:14:02 +0000 Looks like odd but it’s true and the just fine way to check or calculate the power of your dream employees that you want hire on special talent or job in Small or Big companies. Now most of the international and local companies added very good option in recruitment structure. So here you can find most popular and trusted online interview on iPhone app for face to face audio, Video or Text interaction with many customization options.

Let’s see how to use and which the best apps are for company or employee? Below all online interviews websites are multi-platform and convenient ways to start online interviews anywhere or anytime.

Top best ways of take interview on iPhone app: Face to Face, Audio or Text

Hirevue Online interview platform

Start Interview on iPhone appDigitally recruit the best employees in limited time, by most of the industries are satisfied the quality of Hirevue products compatible for iPhone/ iPad/ Android mobile or Web. Through Hirevue you can arrange digital text, Face to face challenges and commitment to end users around the world. Save money, Time and Special schedule arrangements with the center of Hirevue. 600+ brands and small to large companies satisfied from Hirevue.

Free training tutorial and guide from experts most useful to being with Hirevue all time. Install Hirevue app on iOS device and enjoy.


Web interview for online testStart with free secure signup, Candidate always like online interview system it’s hence that no worry to reach interview place before Time, Don’t wait for long queues of other candidates same like you. Faster result and allotment easy to interviewer, Repeat recorded video and choose right person. Thousands of connected clients with Biginterview serving this system for targeted job seekers. Register here

Spark Hire: Video interview software

Video, Text online interviewSpark hire is also alternate option to make test drive. Many successful stories behind this growing online interview system. Affordable interviewing platform suite to all firms, Record your video and sent for review to company. Get App – Free

Keep watch on App for hire employee from iPhone and Send invitation through above online video/ Text interviews with time schedule.

Online interview increase self confidence for the fresher’s especially by scary story listen from your friends or family members. More ideas and suggestions we always appreciate on live Interview on iPhone app or other digital platforms.

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How many account I can add on Instagram iPhone app: iOS Wed, 10 Feb 2016 14:13:52 +0000 Totally new feature recently added by Instagram is accounts add on Instagram iPhone app, this might be challenging for other social networking sites and apps available for iOS device. Millions of users experienced Instagram app effectively and now more reliable by adding more account within same app and device.

Most of the Instagram users tried three to four account not more by adding accounts requested by best colleagues, family members. But can you add more? And the question is yes.

But unknown people never get chance owe account login to your Instagram iOS app. Behind it, very polite reason is that, You can easily switch another account until you logged out. But you didn’t logged out you can switch to another account by tap on username, from Instagram home screen. tips and facts on add on Instagram iPhone app

But once you logged out you must re enter correct login username and password.

Perfect reason and what number of account add on Instagram iPhone app: iPad, iPod Touch

So you can add 5 account at once within same Instagram app installed on single iOS device. I think this number is more enough to use alternate Instagram account.

In my past tutorial I explained how to add another Instagram account, Switch account and remove added account from app.

Now also share here what you expecting more in short future time, From Instagram and also on Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Twitter iOS app.

Note: if you didn’t find option for more accounts add on instagram iPhone app (Profile icon > Settings > Looks like gear icon > Option Page > About label > Add account), Please make sure and update with latest version (7.15) of app from app store.

Don’t worry about security and enjoy multiple account at once from anywhere and anytime. Profile add on instagram iPhone app is available officially in worldwide. Share with me and your friends any welcome request and more guide on above topic.

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How to refund paid iPhone app, instantly on App store Sat, 26 Dec 2015 09:46:44 +0000 Yes, Refund policy for iOS users on the app store available and works 100% on correct reasons. on App store, currently millions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps available in paid and free features. in the can are you not satisfied on predefined terms and conditions and functionality, then you can refund it easily on min time. Follow the steps on how to refund paid iPhone app running on the latest iOS.

Note: Apple’s Store terms can be changed at any time. So please make sure by reading this guide on refund iOS app. And get back from developers.

Steps on how to refund paid iPhone app, iPad and iPod Touch

Step #1: Go to iTunes on Mac/ PC.

Step #2: Next, From top right profile name menu option. Choose Account info.

Step #3: Login with Apple ID and Password, You should use in purchase app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step #4: There, you can see full profile details with last purchased apps with this Apple ID.

Step #5: Under the Purchase History section click on “See All“.See all purchase apps history on iPhonehere you can see all purchased apps with date and name in Title.

Tap on Aero icon near to the date of purchase. From the list of apps downloaded on the same day, Choose Report a Problem. Now you can send individual app report problem. report a problem on iOS app

Point that app, what you want a refund for app. Send report problem on app

Next, Login with Apple ID and Password.  request for app problem on apple ID

An alternate way for refund paid iPhone app

Refund from the web directly: report problem on a paid app

Here you can send your reason for refund paid app to the developer. Some predeclared reasons available on that apple mostly approve your request. How to refund paid iPhone app, iPad app

if your refund reason, not categories then describe your reasons inbox and click on Submit.

Watch this Video to get Refund for Purchased App or Game on App Store iOS

mostly folks don’t believe but apple always cares own users, Best of luck and save your from the west in inappropriate paid/ Pro apps. Share your experience on how to refund paid iPhone app in app store online.

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