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Best Vehicle Tracking Device for iPhone, iPad: 2019

It is straightforward and needed a device for those who have expensive things (Bags, Vehicles – Car, Bike, Bicycle or Other moving objects), and there is fear of stolen of this things. With the use of this device, you can quickly locate your things on which you have set this tracker. This tracking device operates

Best iPhone Health App Compatible Devices: Be Healthy Forever

Best iPhone Health App Compatible Devices

The Apple’s iOS health app integration makes its iPhone more powerful. It takes care of users by counting walking + running distance, walking steps in mile/kilometer. Apart from that, App has also measure lots of human health-related database like tracks sleep, Cycling distance, workouts, reproductive health, Nutrition and many others. All of these health-related units, some

copy photos from iPhone to Windows PC: Without iTunes

Start import to PC from iOS device

Without iTunes, transfer or copy photos from iPhone to windows PC has been possible in Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows 10, if you haven’t tried before then you didn’t know. But personally I felt wondering when I found that windows computer/ Laptop can import all photos/ Videos from iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch running on

[Solved] iPhone keeps restarting again & again: Automatically

iPhone keeps restarting after update

Many times Apple’s iPhone users reporting an issue like iPhone keeps restarting over time to time automatically after iOS update. Sometimes it happens during some action perform, like launch new app, Open any media file, Open camera or Tap on notification (iMessage Notification, Access Third-party app notification, Start internet data or at the time of turn