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iPadOS 13

How to Disable/Enable Floating Keyboard on iPadOS 13, Move, Problems and Fixed

pinch Zoom out to Exit from Floating keyboard on iPad in iPadOS 13 or later

Most of the iPad users did appreciate the Floating Keyboard of iPadOS 13 as well as QuickPath typing in iPadOS after that only. The floating keyboard is very helpful because you can quickly move the keyboard wherever you want over the entire screen. Besides, it is not like that after enabling floating keyboard on iOS

External Third-Party or Smart Keyboard not Working on iPadOS your iPad Mini, iPad Air, Pro

Minimize On Screen Keyboard on iPadOS when External Smart Keyboard is connected

External keyboard not working on iPadOS on iPad and iOS on iPhone is disturbing when we have the burden of project or office work. Apple Smart keyboard optimizes and time-saving process while you type anytime, just attach Keyboard on iPad and start typing. Some Third-Party Keyboard required a manual setup that we showed in our

How to Use Mouse on iPad in iPadOS 13, Customize Cursor Appearance

Use Mouse on iPad and iPhone

Convert your iPad, and iPhone into Desktop screen, New iPadOS and iOS update support Bluetooth mouse, just like Desktop cursor we can change pointer size, Color and Auto Wireless mouse on iPad could do a lot for you. However, iPadOS 13 also has external keyboard support, and so if you are an artist or want