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4 Best iPhone 6S/6 cases 2020: You can buy for 2020

iPhone 6S/6 battery case 2016

Here we round-up of the best iPhone 6S/6 cases cover on the market right now. We’ve got the waterproof case, battery case, Slim and iPhone 6s protective case. Fortunately, you’re in the right place because you can get good reviews cases so that you can buy for 2019. Get awesome case in the range of

Play Youtube Video in Background from iPhone, iPad, Android YouTube App

Youtube Add free and Offline, Play in background on iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile

YouTube released new YouTube subscription features for YouTube fans who actually what they want. Known YouTube red, At the initial stage YouTube red available for selected countries and YouTubers who activated. So you could activate on a monthly plan at any time for US users. Redtube features are Offline YouTube video, Ad-free video, and Play

How to disable/ turn on photo sharing on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

turn on photo sharing on iPhone running on iOS 9 or 8

Photo sharing in iOS device, Easy option on share photos with your friends by inviting individually or in group. Like other social apps, users can view each photo, Comment on it and like photos with fun. for that you have to enable/ Turn on photo sharing on iPhone for Easy Photo management and photo sharing

Best iPhone 6 Sports Cases in 2020: Volleyball, Football, NFL, Badminton

for the sports partisan here are some most beautiful handpicked, durable best iPhone 6 cases especially for all types of sports games. This list covers all types of best sports iPhone 6 cases, Like Volleyball, Football, NFL, Badminton, and many state and international games. People who are encouraging or supporting/Cheer your team you must make

How to Use 3d touch in iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S: iOS 9

3d touch in iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S

New iOS users frustrating on new 3D touch features cause of Apple doesn’t add old iDevice model. but apple encouraging old iOS device users to new iPhone models. if you know, 3D touch is fully hardware dependant, But still here are some tricky ways to enjoy or feel like iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus