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How to make video for Marketing in iPhone: Business Video

Make video for Marketing in iPhone, iPad running on iOS

Free video training and Video making, editing tools inside app for your business as a marketing purpose. Today’s millions of successful video channel and marketing videos online on different video publishing sites like YouTube, NetFlix, Yahoo, DailyMotion, Hulu, Vimo and More. Learn yourself for beginners who always trying to boost your productivity and service by

How to Delete Card from Passbook app on iPhone 6 /6 Plus

How to Delete Card from Passbook app on iPhone 6/ 6 Plus

Special how to Tips to Delete Card from Passbook app on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can store your Credit/ Debit Card information through Passbook app on iPhone, iPad. It’s usable for Apple Pay. Mobile payment can be made by the concept of Apple Pay. Passbook is a great option to manage Credit

How to use WhatsApp on Web browser using iPhone for Mac/PC

Use WhatsApp on Web browser through iPhone, iPad on iOS device

You know WhatsApp over the web available only for Android users, quite easy to chat and read text on the big screen by WhatsApp Web. And then are you’re looking for WhatsApp Web turn using your iOS device (iPhone and iPad). And at the end of the millions time of surfing over the internet “how