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3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps for iPhone 6S and later

List of 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps

Here listed all 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps for iPhone allows you to take quick action on app icon from iPhone home screen called peek and pop concept. Recently, Apple’s June 2016 keynote wrapped up with the announcements of four different platforms likely iOS 10, macOS Sierra, WatchoS 3 and tvOS. Among all operating

2020 Best iPhone Tripod Mount Holder: Compatibles with All iPhones

Lightweight Tripod adepter for iPhone 6S Plus 2016

To stabilizing and secure mounting your bigger screen iPhone 6S Plus, you need the best iPhone tripod Mount adapter. Good user reviews and users satisfied feedback prove that the below-listed tripods are lightweight, cheap in price and secure iPhone grippers. Almost tripods are compatibles with cases. Easy to put in your traveling bag so don’t