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How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone and Cellular iPad

4 record call on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Today, iOS users are looking for different types of recording solutions, record a live phone call, Audio in Meeting/Conference or Movie theater. Some were recording is legal activity but some places and private call not a legal by apple for the users’ privacy and Terms & Conditions. Although we have Good quality recording apps for incoming

How To Make Sticker App for iMessage – iPhone, iPad: Sources

make Sticker app for iMessage iPhone

Are you beginners in iOS app development or Expert, Wants to know how to start or make Sticker app for iMessage then publish on an iMessage iOS app store. iMessage now support all kind of label that other apps does. Get the overall guide and understand how to start from this iMessage extension tutorial if you

MAPS.ME: #1 App to view offline Map on iPhone/ iPad

Find location for Download offline map on iPhone

Get great, premium benefits from this guide on how to keep and use the offline map on iPhone/ iPad that useful for different purpose like booking, Find places, and Get step by step direction. Also, it’s very accurate at every location worldwide. Here I reviewed the full app on my point views that cover most

Stop Auto-Play Video in Instagram iPhone/ iPad App, Save Data

1 Stop auto play instagram video on iPhone app

Instagram is one of the largest platform for sharing Images, Videos with text/ Emojis. New features in that some people want to avoid due to many sophisticated reasons. One of those features is Stop auto-Play video on Instagram, in the recent Update, Instagram removes the option for manage auto-play video from app Settings. If you

Facebook live iCon Not Showing on iPhone: FB live Video Not Working

FaceBook Live not working Fixed for Phone iPad or Mac

Why Facebook lives not showing up? in case you’re experiencing facebook video icon missing on iPhone/ iPad and your friends or other Facebook account showing live options. Don’t be panic and fix it with the below steps that I have experienced and enjoy the live video where I didn’t see the live icon. Facebook live explored