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Measure breath on iPhone, iPad: Breathalyzer

Measure breath on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Keep your mouth and body fresh always before you cross boundary. That does always harm your body, relationship, and your society as well. On the right time take the right decision and be smart that improve your personality and success in each field. So most of the responsible human are aware about this (Measure breath

iPhone controlled home theater system for home, office

iPhone controlled home theater system for HD sound

Now with this speaker system, full control from any smart device you have remotely. That’s also works with Apple TV, Gaming console or Smart TV, USB drive and other music systems. That will rock the party in your home or office, from watch live telecast, Streaming from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled smart mobile, iPhone, iPad

Best iPhone controlled thermostat: Heating and cooling

iPhone controlled thermostat from sensi

Are you looking best way to control your home/ Office devices? Like bulb, Power Outlets, Toys and in more thermostat. So here you have a perfect buying option for iPhone controlled thermostat. With this thermostat, you can set your setting remotely on thermostat from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Through iOS app, you can

Best iPhone controlled door lock, Remotely lock or unlock

Schlage iOS cntrolled door lock opener and closer

are you tolerating from present variance at your home or office? at day or night feel safe, unfortunately you missed or forgot to close your main door or backyard door. Because this lock totally functional for lazy or smart people, Who never take a chance or avert about check door conditions at day or night as well. Some