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Turn off auto sync iPhone with iTunes over WiFi on Mac/ PC

Unchecked/ Disable Sync iPhone over WiFi

iOS sync with iTunes required all time for Mac/ PC users made some updates on your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch. So you can sync iPhone with iTunes over Wi-Fi without Cable or Turn off Auto sync iPhone with iTunes from iTunes. By default this option not enabled, you have to save that. This is

How to Redo or undo text in iPhone, iPad: iMessage, WhatsApp

Redo or undo message text in iOS app: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Most of the iOS users send millions of text message through Messaging and Chatting app now available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Apple Also gives best third-party keyboard support for faster types on a device running the latest iOS device. In addition here you will get very informative tips regarding boost your