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Quickly Disable Face ID on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

2 Disable or Enable Face ID on iPhone X

Quickly Disable Face ID on iPhone X. Face ID function works differently in your latest iPhone X. The face id is also again the hot gossip in the mobile world and has a new interesting feature. The face id of iPhone X unlike Android or other gadget works with recognizes of around 30,000 dots that

Could not activate iPhone X: Fix iPhone X Activation Problems

1 Could not activate iphone X

Don’t be panic on you aren’t activating iPhone X successfully because you are not alone, or Could not activate iPhone X with Alternate Techniques that work great for the iPhone X activation, normally activation need to register you on the device to Apple server. So, apple giving two methods for activating iPhone from unauthorized to

Fix iPhone X Message App Freezes and Crashes

iPhone X Message App keeps crashing

On a brand new iPhone X Messages App keeps crashing constantly. It might be happening due to a faulty software update or anything else along with text App. Don’t worry to fix message App crash on iPhone X – We have ideal solutions for example so that you can quickly follow up me and understand