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Follow up the article and learn how to set up Google Home with iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X/8/7. If you do like this, share it with your colleagues and friends.

User Guide for Setup Google home on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Setup Google Home on iPhone
Setup Google Home on iPhone

Step #1: Power On the Google Home, plug the adapter to do so.

Step #2: You will need Google account to use Google Home, signup if you don’t have Google account. Even if you want to manage and create a Google account for a child which is under 13 years, you can do it with Family Link.

Step #3: Open up the App Store in your iPhone and download and install Google Home app.

Step #4: Keep note that the Google Home and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step #5: It’s time to launch Google Home app right in your iPhone.

Step #6: Tap “Add” and then select “Set up the device”.

add new device in google home and access from iPhone
add a new device in Google home and access from iPhone

Step #7: Next, tap “Set up a new device in your home”.

Step #8: Now, the Google Home app will search the nearby Google Home device, tap on the one that you want to “Set up” and tap “Next”.

Step #9: After that Google Home app will configure and connect the Google Home. It might be possible in the app will be alerted with the message, “Your phone may disconnect from Wi-Fi during setup”.

Step #10: So when you try to connect the Google Home with the app, you will likely to hear the chime from the Google Home, to confirm you are setting up the correct Google Home properly. Tap “Yes”, when you hear the tone.

Step #11: If you want to help or bring some improvements in Google Home then tap “Yes, I’m in” or leave it by selecting “No thanks”.

Step #12: Choose the room where you want to place the Google Home.

Step #13: Besides, you can create a custom room, by selecting “Add custom room”. Name it and tap “Next”.

This helps the Google Home, to identify the iPhone.

Step #14: Connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi.

Step #15: Go through the “Read the Information”, and tap “Next”.

Note: To set up Voice Match, accept the Google Assistant permission.

Step #16: If you want perfect and speedy results, teach the Google Home to recognize your voice. So whenever you speak, the Assistant can respond you quickly. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The advantage of setting up Voice Match is you can secure your personal results. If you do not set up Voice Assistant then another person can also access your previous personal details.

Step #17: Then, you will have to give permission to Google Home to pre-fill the address. Or you can enter the address manually.

Why address? Because when you will ask Google Home about the local details such as Weather, Traffic etc.

Step #18: Do you want to access Media Services? Then add one by tapping (+) and then select “Next”.

Here you can select default music service if you have link more than one music service.

Step #19: Type name for your device and tap “Next”.

Step #20: If you want to receive emails regarding the device, then Sign Up or tap No Thanks.

Step #21: Now, add a payment method.

Step #22: Lastly you will see the Summary screen, which is likely to show you a review of set up.

Step #23: Tap “Continue”.

Step #24: “Finish Setup”, you’ve done it!

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How to fix Incoming Call Delay issue on Your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, X/8/7/6 https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-fix-incoming-call-delay-issue-on-your-iphone-xs-max-iphone-xs-and-iphone-xr-x-8-7-6/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-fix-incoming-call-delay-issue-on-your-iphone-xs-max-iphone-xs-and-iphone-xr-x-8-7-6/#respond Wed, 16 Jan 2019 14:10:26 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=43571 Frequently iPhone users are facing calling related problems like incoming call delay issue on your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR or call received but won’t start in iPhone XS Max/XS/XR. Considering that difficulties we have prepared the tutorial which will help you to fix calling issues of iPhone XS Max/XS/XR (2019 Update).

Once you go through the following tricks, I bet you will never miss a single important call on iPhone. head over to learn how to get fixed the problem with iPhone calls and network and after that receive calls uninterruptedly.


  • In most of the cases, This problem happens because of your iPhone hanging and freeze on some screen.
  • Might be the problem is temporary or you can ask your carrier help desk.
  • Internet-Based call depends on your Network connectivity and signal strenght (Like Messanger video call, FaceTime audio and Video calls, Voicemail etc..)
  • First Follow the below steps, Hopefully, fixed in most of the case. Congratulations to you!

Troubleshooting tips to Incoming Call Delay issue on Your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR

incoming call Delayed or not sounding
incoming call Delayed or not sounding

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone

Restarting iPhone is the most common technique to get rid of problems like incoming call delay issue on iPhone XS Max/XS/XR. If you are facing this situation for the very first time then restarting iPhone is a considerable option for you.

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

Step #3: Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Get the Accuracy in your test, Watch my Video Tutorial

2: Check for Updates

Do you know updating iPhone to the latest version introduces dozens of new functions along with eliminating multiple bugs and glitches from the device. So if you haven’t updated the iPhone yet, it time to meet all new features of iPhone. before you update the iPhone, make sure to take backup of the device in order to avoid data loss.

Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Tap “Software Update”.

Solution 3: Reset All Settings

Call received but won’t start in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, is that a problem with you? if yes, then it might be possible that you have made unwanted settings by mistake and forget to change them. In that case, it is difficult to find and change the settings, so we will reset all settings of iPhone to default.

Step #1: Open “Settings” app on iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Scroll down and select “Reset”.

Step #4: Tap “Reset All Settings”.

Step #5: Enter the Passcode, if you are asked to.

Before Go to step 4 and 5, Backup your iPhone to iTunes. Because Restore iPhone needs to delete all the data and settings at first. Sometimes you can’t get the exact result from the above solutions. if you feel the problem is temporary fixed, So follow the below steps.

Solution 4: Restore iPhone

Till now if you are unable to fix incoming call delay issue on your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, the problem seems to be complex. Therefore, we will suggest you perfect solution to fix call received but won’t start in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. Other than calling issues of iPhone, the device performance will be improved.  All you need to do is take backup on iPhone before restoring to factory settings, as the whole device will be wiped out once you restore iPhone.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” app.

Step #2: Choose “General”.

Step #3: Tap “Reset”.

Step #4: Lastly, select “Erase All Contents and Settings”.

Step #5: Confirm the reset by entering the password.

Solution 5: Restore iPhone in recovery mode

There is one more way to restore iPhone to fix incoming call delay issue on your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. If the previous method failed to troubleshoot the issue then you might want to try this.

Launch the iTunes on your computer and follow the below steps.

Step #1: Connect the iPhone to the PC using lightning cable.

Step #2: Next, press and release the Volume Up button.

Step #3: Press and release the Volume Down button.

Step #4: Hold down the power button until you see “Connect to iTunes” screen. Do not release the Power button when Apple logo appears on iPhone’s screen.

Step #5: Now you will see two options, Restore and Update on iTunes, which indicates your iPhone is in recovery mode.

Step #6: Select “Restore”.

That’s It! You are good to go with fresh and error-free iPhone.

Share your feedback and an actual problem with iPhone model name and iOS version. We will update for you in the future. So you can smoothly use your iPhone withouht frezze, Call delayed for incoming or outgoing calls.

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How to fix Audio Problems on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, Distorted Sound During Calls or Crackling Noise https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-fix-audio-problems-on-iphone-xs-max-iphone-xs-and-iphone-xr-distorted-sound-during-calls-or-crackling-noise/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-fix-audio-problems-on-iphone-xs-max-iphone-xs-and-iphone-xr-distorted-sound-during-calls-or-crackling-noise/#respond Wed, 16 Jan 2019 12:42:24 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=43579 Apple’s iPhone is beast when it comes to performance. However, there are some cases where such a great smartphone doesn’t respond to its users properly and causes multiple problems like audio problems on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, distorted sound during calls or crackling noise. No matter, if you have spent a thousand buck on mobile, someday you will have to pass through this irritating situation where you can’t connect the call with your own device.

As this issue is reported by many users, let us see how you can tackle audio problems on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, with our prepared troubleshooting tips. Apart from this, you can also mention your problems with iPhone in the comment section. We will try to reach out as early as possible with a potential solution.

clean up speaker hole (Bottom side) using a dry & clean soft brush (Baby brush).

Helpful suggestions and Troubleshooting tips on poor audio problems on iPhone XS max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR (2019) Update

Audio problems on iPhone XS max iPhone XS and iPhone XR
Audio problems on iPhone XS max iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Fix 1: Force Restart iPhone (80% Work)

Before we begin to troubleshoot to fix audio problems on iPhone, we would like you to consider this trick. In many cases, simple restart brings a solution to huge problems in seconds. Let’s do it.

Step #1: Quickly Press and release the Volume Up Button.

Step #2: Quickly Press and release the Volume Down Button.

Step #3: Now, Press and Hold Side Button until the Apple logo Appears on the screen.

Fix 2: Remove all Bluetooth devices (40% Works)

Unable to hear sound on iPhone XS Max/XS/XR? Then it can be possible that you have forgotten to disconnect the Bluetooth speaker from iPhone and no audio on iPhone XS Max is happening to you. so to make sure, you must unpair every single Bluetooth device from iPhone and check if audio problems on iPhone XS Max/XS/XR is fixed or not.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #3: Now, you will see various paired Bluetooth devices.

Step #4: Select (i) next to each device one by one and tap “Forget this Device”.

Restart the iPhone, once you delete all the Bluetooth accessories from iPhone.

Fix 3: Update the iPhone (50% Works)

Make sure your iPhone is connected with a stable Wi-Fi connection before putting your iPhone on the update. Even iOS updates are capable to fixes random bugs and bring your iPhone in working state. That’s why we always suggest you to keep your iPhone up to date.

Step #1: Visit the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Select “General”.

Step #3: Scroll down and tap “Software Update”.

If any pending update is available, you will receive a message on that screen.

 Fix 4: Reset All Settings (60% Works)

It’s time to clear the customize settings of your device, and restore them to default settings. Audio problems on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, distorted sound during calls or crackling noise etc problems are likely to be fixed by reset all settings. Here’s how to do it,

Step #1: Launch “Settings” app.

Step #2: Open “General” and tap “Reset”.

Step #3: Lastly you have to select “Reset All Settings”.

Step #4: Confirm reset all settings by entering the iPhone password.

problem like a serious, Not any solutions helped you, You can go with Hard Reset your iPhone in DFU mode or Recovery mode.

Fix 5: Restore iPhone to factory settings (95% Work)

This solution will take time and not easy. First, we need to take a full backup of your iPhone on iTunes. Erase All Contents and Settings will remove all installed apps & Data, Media Files (Photos, Videos), iBooks and all the apps.

None of the above trick work for you to fix distorted sound during calls in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS or iPhone XR then you might need to take a hard step, which is to restore iPhone. Once you restore iPhone every single setting, data and applications will be deleted from iPhone. So there are chances that the corrupted data will also get removed from iPhone which is causing various errors. Don’t forget to take backup of your iPhone to avoid data loss.

Step #1: Open up the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Locate “Reset” and select “Erase All Contents and Settings”.

Step #4: You will need to enter the Passcode of iPhone to continue.

Wait for some time until iPhone gets rebooted and then you will have to set it up like before.

Fix 6: Hand Over Your iPhone to Apple Support

Apple Support always helped millions of Apple users when they have been getting issues from sound quality, low sound, in the last few years. You are one of them, Share actual problem with apple support nearby you. or Get Appointment on call or chat right now. Apple Repair Request create from here

fill up the form and send your device for repair, it’s new service by apple. hope you guys, you learn tips to fix audio problems on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and other iPhone models.

https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-fix-audio-problems-on-iphone-xs-max-iphone-xs-and-iphone-xr-distorted-sound-during-calls-or-crackling-noise/feed/ 0
How to Pair Apple Watch 4 with iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X/8/7/6 https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-pair-apple-watch-4-with-iphone/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-pair-apple-watch-4-with-iphone/#respond Wed, 16 Jan 2019 11:58:20 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=43562 Pairing Apple Watch 4 with iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/ iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus is very easy, as you pair any other Bluetooth accessory with iPhone. However you might be failing to pair the Apple Watch 4 with iPhone, is because Bluetooth is not working or you are avoiding any step. Do you know, un-pairing and re-pairing Apple Watch is one of the most helpful solutions to any issue with Apple Watch 4.

Unfortunately, if you have any problem with Apple Watch 4 such as Apple Watch isn’t tracking activity, No iPhone connection error in Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch Won’t charge etc problems, you can prefer our troubleshoots to fix them.

Here’s How To Pair Apple Watch 4 with iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, And iPhone XR, iPhone X/8/7/6

pair apple watch with iPhone
pair apple watch with iPhone

Step #1: Navigate to “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #3: Enable the Bluetooth of your iPhone.

Step #4: Make sure iPhone is connected with strong Cellular Network or Wi-Fi connection.

It’s time to Power On the Apple Watch 4

Step #5: To do so, press and hold Side button of the Apple Watch 4, you will see the Apple logo after that.

Step #6: Place your iPhone near Apple Watch.

Step #7: Next, on iPhone, a message will appear like “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch”.

pair new apple watch with iPhone
pair new Apple watch with iPhone

Step #8: Tap “Continue”.

Sometimes, the message doesn’t appear on iPhone, in that case, you have to follow the below procedure.

Step #9: Launch the “Watch” app on your iPhone.

    1. Scan your Watch Face to your iPhone’s watch app scanner.
    2. Verify your Apple watch with code. [You failed to pair using the scan or manually pair apple watch with iPhone] Pair With 6 Digit code.

Step #10: From here, tap to Start Pairing your Apple Watch with iPhone.

How to Pair Apple Watch With Third-Party Device/Accessory?

Other than iDevice, you can also pair the Apple Watch 4 with the third-party device as it uses Bluetooth for connectivity.

Step #1: Turn on the “Bluetooth” on a third-party device.

Step #2: On your Apple Watch, find “Settings” and tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #3: Toggle on “Bluetooth”.

Step #4: There you will find nearby Bluetooth devices, tap on that device to start pairing.

Step #5: If asked enter the PIN to complete pairing.

Hopefully, you’ve understood the method to pair Apple Watch 4 with iPhone XS Max/XS/XR and how to pair Apple Watch 4 with a third-party device.

Congratulations on your purchase of Apple Watch 4. Give us a Feedback on how this article helpful to you on start pairing and use apple watch quickly.

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Best Flashcard Apps for iOS Device: iPhone and iPad https://www.howtoisolve.com/best-flashcard-apps-ipad-iphone/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/best-flashcard-apps-ipad-iphone/#respond Wed, 16 Jan 2019 11:54:41 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=30448 Upgrade your study with modern applications and score best with less effort. Some people consider Flashcard as a boring method to study and somehow they are correct but if you follow flashcard then you will definitely get positive results. Generally, flashcards are a way to store some information in the form of words or numbers, to write question and answers and much such information. Some of the flashcard apps that support Apple Pencil.

As of now, you understand the advantage of using flashcards to make study productive. And today they are more advanced, some of the apps offer offline facility so that you can study anytime anywhere. We have made a list of some best flashcard apps which will be very helpful for you.

Flashcard Apps For iPad and iPhone

Top best Flashcard Apps for iPhone iPad Mac

#1. Flashcards+ 

Flashcards+ is highest rated and top flashcard among all other applications in App Store. Creatively you can design flashcards to learn things quickly and beat your exams easily. This app is made for college or high school students and for those who are preparing for GRE, SAT, ACT and such competitive exams. If you don’t want to waste a single second then I suggest you to download this application because it also allows you to review your cards on Apple Watch. Sometimes most of the students get tired of making their own flashcards but now you don’t have to worry because you can download flashcards created by other students from cram.com.

Get it from iTunes

#2. StudyBlue: Flashcard App

Make your every minute productive whether you are traveling by train or bus or walking on the street with StudyBlue flashcards. Making Flashcards is a modern way for the better and quick revision of the whole course in a short period. StudyBlue connects you to over 400 million flashcards and more 10 million students on your palm. Share your creation with millions of students for free, test yourself, set study reminders, track study status and most important you can access all the flashcards which are available in this app for free.

Get from: iTunes

#3. Quizlet Flashcards: Flashcard App

From Quizlet Flashcards over 30 million students are practicing and getting a positive response each month. However, flashcards are very helpful to memorize something very easily or especially when you look at diagrams or charts. Also, you can store detailed notes in audio and picture format. Improve your pronunciation by listening words in more than 18 languages. With instant test papers, you can track your status of learning and motivate yourself to improve in a particular field where you are lagging.

Get from: iTunes

#4. Flashcard Hero: Flashcard App

Flashcard Hero is an ultimate way to prepare your course instantly with new technology. In this app, if you want to make your own flashcards with more words you can design creatively by adding some images too. The key features of this app are you can group cards into different topics, it allows text formatting and lists, search and go through difficult cards and it also supports iCloud to sync with Mac App. Some of the popular fields such as Medicine, psychology, Law and Business, languages, social science and many more.

Get from: iTunes

#5. StudyStack – Flashcards and Study Tools

StudyStack allows you to study with fun and get better grades. Even if you want to create flashcards on the website you can go to studystack.com and make comfortably. Learn hard and to see the progress you can quiz yourself at last and try to improve your weakness. Now you don’t have to rely on books or other course material, just make flashcards and learn anytime anywhere on your iPhone. Share your notes with friends and classmates via facebook, emails, tweet or text and share your skills.

Get from: iTunes

#6. Go FlashCards: Flashcard App

Prepare yourself to score with best grades even with your Apple watch or iPhone or iPad. All the newest features demanded by students like unlimited personal cards and stacks, add pictures from the library, landscape or portrait mode, search cards and stacks, shuffle cards and much more can be done with Go FlashCards. The app is programmed by considering the needs and wants of users and like other apps, it will not consumes much space on your iDevice

Get from: iTunes

#7. Flashcards with Cram: Flashcard App

All the way the best platform for flashcards is Cram. Here is the Cram’s official application for iPhone with a lot more features and easy interface. Just download the flashcard app and log in to your Cram’s account and it will automatically get all your data like flashcard sets, frequently used cards, and favorite cards. The app supports four major study modes like card mode, games mode, memorize modes and Cram mode. 

Get from: iTunes 

https://www.howtoisolve.com/best-flashcard-apps-ipad-iphone/feed/ 0
How to Save All Pictures and Videos from iMessage on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-save-pictures-and-videos-from-imessage-on-iphone-ipad/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-save-pictures-and-videos-from-imessage-on-iphone-ipad/#respond Fri, 11 Jan 2019 11:05:43 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=43447 iMessage is a perfect fit for texting purpose if you have iPad or iPhone. With iOS 12, the iMessage has got brand new Emoticons, Emojis, and much more user-friendly abilities. However, now people are hunting one of the neediest function that is how to save pictures from iMessage in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

Luckily you can save photos and videos from iMessage app in your iPhone, and also there is an option to save multiple pictures and videos from iMessage into your iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. Effortlessly you can store images from iMessage into the Photos app. Even if you mistakenly delete the thread, you can access the photos and videos from the Photos app.

How to Save All Pictures and Videos from iMessage in iPhone and iPad

Save Photos from Text Message to iPhone, iPad: All Photos or Selected Photo download

Step #1: Launch the “iMessage” app in your iPhone.

Step #2: Open the particular thread to save pictures.

Step #3: Tap and hold on the Picture.

Step #4: You will see multiple options such as Copy, Save, More….

save pictures and videos from iMessage in iPhone
save pictures and videos from iMessage in iPhone

Step #5: Tap “Save”.

How to save multiple pictures and videos from iMessage

If you follow the above part, you can save photos one by one, what if you want to save pictures and videos in the bundle? Here’s how to save multiple pictures and videos from the iMessage app.

Step #1: Go to the “iMessage” app.

Step #2: Select the thread from which you want to save pictures and videos.

Step #3: On the top, tap on the Sender’s Name.

Step #4: Select “info”.

Select Multiple image to save camera roll on iPhone
Select Multiple image to save camera roll on iPhone

Step #5: Tap and hold on the photo or video.

Step #6: Tap “More”.

Step #7: Now you can select multiple Pictures and Videos to save from iMessage.

Step #8: Lastly, tap “Save Image/Attachments”.

Save Multiple photos at once on iPhone from text message
Save Multiple photos at once on iPhone from text message

If you like this method to save a picture from the iMessage app, then must share with your friends and colleagues, it will be very helpful for them.

https://www.howtoisolve.com/how-to-save-pictures-and-videos-from-imessage-on-iphone-ipad/feed/ 0
AirPlay 2 Supported Speakers List of 2019: Sonos, Marantz, Libratone Zipp mini, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 https://www.howtoisolve.com/apple-airplay-2-supported-speakers-list/ https://www.howtoisolve.com/apple-airplay-2-supported-speakers-list/#respond Fri, 11 Jan 2019 04:48:20 +0000 https://www.howtoisolve.com/?p=43208 Apple is now upgrading the Airplay to add all new smart features and improve current ones. So it is obvious that you also need to change your music system that supports AirPlay 2. We have collected some of the finest Apple AirPlay 2 Supported speakers, so you don’t have to visit different websites, and there is no chance of fraud. Some of the sound devices you can also use as Apple airplay 2 outdoor speakers.

Have a look at AirPlay 2 enable speaker for iPhone and hope so you will find the best one for you. You can order online and get it on your own place very easily and hassle-free.

Selected Apple AirPlay 2 Supported Speakers List

#1. Libratone Zipp mini: WiFi + Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

airplay 2 supported Libratone Zipp mini Speaker

Get amazing sounding with Libratone Zipp Mini two speakers and experience theatre 360 surround music at home. The benefit of buying this speaker is it delivers deep bass, crisp highs and full midrange with its 60-watts powerful speakers. you can also use as an Apple airplay 2 outdoor speakers.

Stream music continuously with a long-lasting battery that provides 10+ hours of backup. It is not like that you can only connect the speaker with AirPlay 2; it also supports Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Alexa, and much more popular streaming. Libratone always releases updates to make smarter and smarter with new functionalities.

Buy: Amazon

#2. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9: AirPlay 2 supported Wireless Speaker

Beoplay A9 allows you to stream wirelessly over popular media like AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or DLNA, whatever you like. However, streaming over AirPlay is far better than Bluetooth or DLNA connectivity. Easy to use interface with intuitive touch control enables to operate the speaker real quick. Its room adaptation technology and 480-watts speaker optimizes the sound and gives the realistic experience. Suit your style and home with two astonishing colors.

Buy: Amazon

#3. Sonos

airplay 2 supported Sonos Speaker sound bar

Connect Sonos speaker with AirPlay to enhance the sound system of your home. The Sonos beam will fill your entire room with detailed sound whether you are watching TV Shows or Movies or Playing games. Easy to set up, simply download the Sonos app, connect the adapter to a power source and get started with a beautiful musical journey. Ask Siri to play songs for you over AirPlay in this speakers, besides it also supports Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc music streaming.

  • Sonos open software update frequently that’s why your listening experience always improving
  • you can create a good sound system in your home

Buy: Amazon

#4. Marantz: Works with Home Automation Systems

airplay 2 supported Marantz AV Receiver SR5013 Channel Auro 3D IMAX Enhanced Dolby Surround Sound100W 2 Zone Power

The time has come to use most out your investment on HD TV. Marantz this receiver provides ultimate cinematic experience with its advanced integrated system. No need to worry about set up, this speaker includes an advanced graphical user interface that will show you how to connect device step by step to the receiver. The great support of AirPlay 2 makes this system worth buying for Apple users.

  • object based audio
  • choose your favorite voice control agent
  • expensive but worth value airplay 2 speaker
  • Dolby surround sound and compatible with Amazon Alexa and online streaming
  • easy to watch youtube and Netflix from any iPhone iPad, Apple TV and hear the audio perfectly synced to your airplay 2 speakers
  • dolby atmos function available that’s why you can enjoy 5.1 surround sound speaker system

Buy: Amazon

Do you have any other brand or model of the above mentioned Apple Airplay 2 supported speakers? kindly let me know in the comments. we’ll put it in the next update. Thanks for reading.

https://www.howtoisolve.com/apple-airplay-2-supported-speakers-list/feed/ 0