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How to Get PlayStation updates on iPhone: all about

PS4 - PlayStation gaming notification for iPhone

PlayStation updated now available on your iOS device running on iOS 6, iOS 7 or iOS 8. Full control on PlayStation game whenever you are alone, Using this app you can get daily notification on new updates when cones, what’s others are doing, Connect online friend who want or Create discussion topic on related gaming

Can I use my iPhone as a modem? Yes, Use your iPhone as a modem

how to make or use iPhone as a modem

From this post, you can learn how to use or make the iPhone as a modem. Use Tether Network via iPhone. ‘’Personal Hot spot’’ is a networking feature of Apple iOS devices Such as iPhone, iPad. Whenever you use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone that time your iPhone has worked as a modem. Just you’ve

Best way to backup all iPhone data: Photos, Contacts, Camera

Photos, Contacts, Message, Backup all iPhone data

Are you worried on how to keep or Backup all iPhone data secure in iPhone when the device is lost, damaged or accidentally deleted? That time you will need, very user-friendly, multiple backup options to recover data from any platform or Mobile OS and anytime. So I am going to perfect way to suggest here