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Trick to Leave Yourself from iMessage Group on iPhone, iPad

Leave a Group Chat on iPhone

Apple iMessage giving all the features to add and remove recipients any time in the group list. Here are the steps to remove/ Leave yourself from the iMessage group.  The recipient has the option to leave the group for a list of all the members added by the admin (Group creator). So none of the

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone, iPad of 2020

These apps can help to acquire your weight loss. The smart Weight loss tactics are working out in a day. It helps better than any other strategy. You have to need daily and regular exercise for weight loss.   You can control your weight by using below trendy/ Best Weight loss apps for iPhone. These apps

iOS 14/ iOS 13: How to Enable Siri on Your iPhone’s lock screen

Here are the simple steps for your latest iOS devices, customize with enabling and Turn off/ Disable notification and Siri icon on the lock screen. Older iOS apple couldn’t give Notification center and Siri icon on locked iPhone and iPad screen by default. Sometimes it’s against security. So iPhone and iPad users never want that’s