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How to play and watch AVI video file on iPhone and iPad

In iPhone, iPad or iPad touch users can’t play and watch AVI video on iPhone and iPad. But for other video or movie format support by default, that’s also supporting in iTunes. You can only stream video or movie on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through iTunes, but iTunes can’t support all file formats.

Stream videos or movies on iPhone and iPad from iTunes

Stream movies from iTunes to iPhone and iPad

For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lovers are always find the way to watch TV show, Learning video and movie video in own mobile. The way will be possible thorough iTunes library with home sharing facility. In this iPhone, iPad and iPod touch tips you can learn whole steps to get any video on any

[2020] Best Weather Apps For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iPhone and iPad best Weather app

Get the Best Weather Apps for iPhone, hello once again I’m are sharing with you, and your Intelligent iDevice likes iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After putting the best collection of Top productivity apps, Best calendar apps, Best Stocks Market apps, and nowhere turn of accurate weather apps for your iPhone, iPad. Accurate weather Apps