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Apple Released iOS 8 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad user

Predictive keyboard in iOS 8 Beta 5 for iPhone

Apple released iOS 8 Beta 5 before earlier day, with few latest features that all features are you can find here, its notable update has been revealed so far. Apple discovered in its WWDC keynote June 2014, in next autumn coming iOS 8 with lot of good features like Interactive notification, Handoff, widgets, third party

iOS 13: How to manage photos as An Album on Your Apple iPhone, iPad

arrange photos as album in iPhone, iPad without any app

Manage photos as an album in iPhone, iPad from hundreds of mixed-up photos taken in parties, functions, meeting, friends, childhood memories, photos might be creating confusion to see any of photos. At that time photo management is a proficient way to face this problem. This problem can we handle by creating or manage photos as