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How to create time-table reminders with Use of Siri [iOS]

Siri is an intelligent part of iOS, with use of Siri you can do remind those things which is either less or more important in your life such as event, work task, invitation etc. everything you can remind by Siri which time that you want. Some kind of remind you have to need almost every

How to Change Apps icon Size in iPhone, iPad: Resize App icon

small or enlarge apps icon on your iPhone

Change apps icon size on iPhone and iPad is handy settings for Apple device users. You can use these features when you are uncomfortable to open new apps from your Apple iPhone, iPad app browser screen. Apple Restricted these settings for Some iPhone models, Here’s the list of iPhone and iPad models name on that

Tips How to improve Battery life on iOS 7

Finally you upgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS from previous version to iOS 7. But now you have to a Question. How to improve Battery life on iOS 7? off course all of feel this kind of question but Don’t worry about that. Because I’m putting here good idea. If you want to