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How to Hatch Eggs in pokemon go without walking on iPhone in 2020

Here’s a fantastic tip for ultra-popular Pokémon go game, while you are getting a Pokémon egg at that stage, each eggs displays kilometers to hatch Pokémon egg so that you must walk. Miles or Kilometers maybe 5 to 10 miles or more kilometers. So it takes much time and so lazy for almost youngsters, and

How to Find and Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone in 2020

Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone

Are you want to fight with a wild Pokémon? First of all, you have to find it on your iPhone Map. after getting it, you can catch it. Here’s everything about how to find and catch wild Pokémon on the iPhone. Normally, Pokémon loves to live in places like parks, even though wild Pokémon loves